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  1. 1846. List two reasons that caused the war. Greediness for land and for the spread of manifest destiny. What famous soon to be president stood up and spoke against the Mexican War. Abraham Lincoln. What was this war really about. The gain of land for America. How far south did America get in the Mexican American War.

  2. That the US got the Mexican Cession and the disputed territory of Texas and in return paid Mexico $15 million. How much did the Mexicans and Americans gain or lose of their land as a result of the Mexican American War? The US increased its land by 25%. Mexico lost half of its territory.

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    What were the results of the Mexican - American War?

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  4. 21 Questions Show answers. Q. The lands gained by the United States as a result of the Mexican War are known as the. Q. This president was a strong believer in expanding the nation westward. Q. In this treaty, the U.S. promised to protect the freedom of Mexicans living in the lands gained from Mexico. Q.

  5. Correct answer: X Your answer: For webquest or practice, print a copy of this quiz at the Mexican-American War webquest print page. About this quiz: All the questions on this quiz are based on information that can be found on the page at Mexican-American War . Back to History for Kids. Advertisement.

  6. Discussion Questions. American schoolchildren often read heroic stories about “the Mexican-American War” of the 1840s, while their Mexican counterparts learn about the “War of the North American Invasion.”. What is the meaning of this difference? What were the principal differences between the Liberal and Conservative parties by the mid ...

  7. Mexican-American War: U.S. Army Advances Into Mexico . At that time, only about 75,000 Mexican citizens lived north of the Rio Grande. As a result, U.S. forces led by Col. Stephen W. Kearny and ...

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    Printable Version. The Mexican War. Previous. Next. Digital History ID 3264. Fifteen years before the United States was plunged into Civil War, it fought a war against Mexico that added half a million square miles of territory to the United States. Not only was it the first American war fought almost entirely outside the United States, it was also the first American war to be reported, while it happened, by daily newspapers.

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