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      • Each member of the Corps has suffered a great tragedy or loss in their life, and that anger fuels their power. For instance, their leader Atrocitus is one of the only survivors of the massacre of his people, while Bleez was a princess held captive and tortured for years.
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  2. May 20, 2019 · 11. Green Lantern Corps. DC Comics. The Green Lanterns have always been - and will always be - the most important faction in the various Lantern Corps. Not only are their powers - which rely on ...

  3. The DC Universe is home to more than just the Green Lanterns...For more awesome content, check out: Follow us on Facebook at: https:/...

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    • Ultraviolet Lantern: Hidden Negative Feelings. Due to the Source Wall breaking, seven hidden forces were released into the DC Universe. One of those forces was the Invisible Emotional Spectrum.
    • White Lantern: Life. Opposite of the Black Lantern Corps, the White Lantern Corps bring life to the universe, harnessing the full range of colors that make up the Emotional Spectrum.
    • Black Lantern Corps: Death. The Black Lantern Corps, void of color, is the enemy of all Lantern Corps across the Emotional Spectrum. Harnessing the power of death, the Black Lantern Corps is comprised of the reanimated corpses of both, heroes, and villains across the DC Universe.
    • Star Sapphire Corps: Love. The Star Sapphire Corps is an all-female group of lanterns empowered by love. Originally, Carol Ferris was the only Star Sapphire.
    • Duck Dodgers. After being given the wrong clothes at the dry cleaners, intergalactic hero Duck Dodgers found himself as the new owner of a Green Lantern ring.
    • Rot Lop Fan. In Space Sector 0911, nicknamed Obsidian Deeps, there are no stars. The beings that live in that sector live in a reality of complete darkness.
    • Dkrtzy RRR. So far, each of the Green Lanterns have been weird, but they all have physical forms. They come from planets (or in the case of Mogo, they are a planet).
    • Collective. While it is rare, sometimes a Green Lantern is forced to retire. This was the case for TO-T-U-K, the Green Lantern of Sector 1287. After being told by the Guardians that it was time for him to pass his ring to a new hero, TO-T-U-K traveled to Valstan C5 to find his successor.
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