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  1. What happened to the Austrian Empire after the First World ... › What-happened-to-the-Austrian

    The Austro - Hungarian Empire was ripped apart after WW1. At the Treaty of Versailles, a small state centered around Vienna was left to Austria. It was all that was left of the proud Austria that had once dominated Europe. A small state was left to Hungary around Budapest.

  2. What happened to Austria Hungary during ww1? › what-happened-to-austria-hungary

    On November 11, 1918, World War I ended for Austria-Hungary with a complete military defeat, even if at the time of the collapse, all forces were standing outside the borders of 1914. With the collapse of the army, Austria-Hungary also collapsed. Hereof, how did WWI affect Austria Hungary?

  3. World History- WW1 Review Questions Flashcards | Quizlet › 561569225 › world-history-ww1-review

    Austria-Hungary took over (annexed) two major areas, Bosnia & Herzegovina, (to prevent a possible slavic state that would stir rebellion amongst the Serbs) that Serbian leaders had planned to absorb. This angered the Serbs

  4. APE Chapter 25: World War 1 Flashcards | Quizlet › 568715011 › ape-chapter-25-world-war-1

    What happened at the Battle of Somme? —Britain became strong and for 7 days and nights fired artillery non-stop (1.5 million shells) and long range bombs on the Germans. —After this the British charged and the Germans set up machine guns and shot the British troops. —The battle ended with the British pushing the Germans back 7 miles.

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  6. Austria under National Socialism - Wikipedia › wiki › Austria_in_the_time_of

    Austria under National Socialism describes the period of Austrian history from 12 March 1938 when Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany (the event is commonly known as Anschluss) until the end of World War II in 1945. Austrians were generally enthusiastic supporters of union with Nazi Germany.

  7. World War 1 Flashcards | Quizlet › 601707975 › world-war-1-flash-cards

    Austria became a vassal state, Germany united into the German Confederation Austro-Prussian War Bismarck forced Austria into a war it couldn't win, eliminating Austria as a threat to his plan to unify Germany under Prussia

  8. What would be the world like if the Austro-Hungarian Empire ... › What-would-be-the-world-like-if

    There was a proposal about the federalization of Austria-Hungary into seperate governments according to the ethic location of the diferrent population within its borders.

  9. World War 1 Flashcards | Quizlet › 164879654 › world-war-1-flash-cards

    Alliance System pulled one nation after another into conflict 1. Aug 1 Germany obligated treat to support Austria Hungary declared war on Russia 2. Aug 3 Germany declared war on Russia's ally France 3. After Germany invaded Belgium 4. Britain declared War on Germany and Austria Hungary

  10. The Failure Of Government In Lord Of The Flies And World War ... › essay › The-Failure-Of-Government-In

    For example looking at World War 1 the United State remained intact after the war but Austria-Hungary collapsed and split in two countries. Germany suffered a big blow and took a while to recuperate. However in the Lord of the Flies the boys had a weak government and therefore it lead to Ralph being hunted …show more content…

  11. How long did World War 1 last? - › how-long-did-world-war-1-last

    Jan 19, 2020 · Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia. On July 28, 1914, one month to the day after Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were killed by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, effectively beginning the First World War.

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