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    Johannes Kleeman was born and raised in Obihiro; Hokkaido, for the purpose of being made to be a part of the White Group 07 of the 15th Hybrid Birth Project. He is the child of a Chinese devil mother and a German human father. Since he was born solely to assist the research devil/human offsprings and their abilities and characteristics, he was taken in by ONLO and never gained a legal parent-child relationship with his parents. Growing up as a hybrid project at ONLO, Lee was tested for his ReMIand was used for many years in experiments on wound healing: they would hurt him, make him drink blood and then assess how he healed. Due to being a valuable experiment, he was constantly guarded and isolated in a room. The only thing he had was books, which gave him a vast amount of information about the outside world. This helped him become more_cooperative with the testings which in turn made his single eye transformation successful. Above all that, something he specifically gained an inter...

    Lee is a tall young man with an average build noted to be handsome. He has long, straight silver hair (white in the anime) that reaches his upper back and usually covers his left eye. He occasionally wears his hair in a ponytail as suggested by Tsukasa. He has blue eyes, but his left eye is constantly in a transformed state; the white of his eye is red and the iris is a golden yellow. This is because he drinks blood to regain his vision in his left eye which triggers the transformation. He likes to wear baggy clothes like hoodies. He also wore a cross necklace similar in design to Yuuki's ring. After the timeskip, Lee's initial look was shorter hair. However, since he did it himself, his hair looked shaggy and messy. He also liked to wear mantels, hoodies and casual clothes. After being decided to become the poster child for a devil-protection movement, Lee's appearance began taking after that of Queen'sand his subordinates appearance; with a thick eye-liner and earrings. He also be...

    Lee is a very eccentric young man: he eats "like a horse" and is never above having food in his mouth or with him, even when facing dangerous situation.Lee is noted by his extremely laid-back personality and blunt attitude, never afraid to speak his mind and face people head-on. He is also quite good at reading between the lines and is quick on the uptake when something wrong is going on. He occasionally says things that cannot be taken as either the truth or a joke. He is also lively, sunny and brims with curiosity. Although he is quite mysterious and isn't open about himself and his past, he doesn't nonetheless hide his identity. He is carefree, does things in his own way, goes at his own pace and by his own accords, paying no attention to the opinions and words of the people around him. But because of his carefree personality, it has made him very insensitive towards people feelings. He will say what is right and wrong according to himself, but he doesn't take other people's feel...

    Fighting Skills and Strength

    Lee is a highly capable and very skilled hand-to-hand fighter. He is immensely strong and can keep up with transformed devils even without transforming himself. He uses kicks, throws, holds, punches, and other techniques to defeat his enemies. He can defeat several people one after the other in a short period of time. He has a high stamina, speed, and movements, which makes him agile as he can easily dodge other peoples attacks while attacking others.

    Transformation and Healing

    Lee can almost perfectly control his bloodlust due to drinking a small dosage everyday and he, therefore, gets used to it. This means that although he does transform when seeing or tasting blood, he doesn't lose his mind and can still manage effectively. When he transforms, only his left eye transform while the rest of his body is in control. This is the advantage being a hybrid has given him. He is very knowledgeable of himself and other devils, since he knows how much blood will heal what d...

    Lee was born almost blind in his left eye, which is why he drinks blood to regain vision in it. This is also the reason why the single eye transformation was successful when he was younger.
    Lee was named by Julius Kurtz, the latter being German himself.
    His alias name, "Hans Lee", was created by Feng.
    His average sleeping time is 4 hours.
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  2. Reconstruction: the arrest of the people in hiding | Anne ... › en › anne-frank

    Johannes Kleiman and Victor Kugler were taken to the detention centre at the Amstelveenseweg, the eight people from the Secret Annex to the detention centre at the Weteringschans. The Amsterdam prison where Johannes Kleiman and Victor Kugler were held for a month after their arrest. Victor Kugler has indicated the location of his cell.

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    Victor Kugler Johannes Kleiman Even though they were not Jewish they were arrest for helping Jewish people. The Nazi arrest both Kugler and Kleiman then sent them to Amersfoorts. Kleiman was released a week later because of his poor health. He later died in 1959. Kugler managed to escape imprisonment in 1945. He moved to Canada and died in 1989.

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    Johannes Kleiman had been convicted of Arbeitsverweigerung (refusal to work). He did not stay at the prison camp long. He had been unwell for a long time, after suffering gastric haemorrhaging. Therefore, he could not be sent to Germany to do forced labour and, at the insistence of the Red Cross, was released seven days later.

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    Johannes Kleiman continued to work as company director. It was at the office on Prinsengracht that Otto Frank read the letter informing him that Anne and Margot would also not be returning. He told Miep, who then opened her desk drawer and pulled out the packet of papers that Anne had written.

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    What happened to Victor Kugler and Johannes Kleiman? In August 1944, Kleiman was arrested with Victor Kugler during the Gestapo raid that arrested the Frank family and four other concealed Jews in the premises on the Prinsengracht.

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    In response to a demolition order placed on the building in which Otto Frank and his family hid during the war, he and Johannes Kleiman helped establish the Anne Frank Foundation on 3 May 1957, with the principal aim to save and restore the building so it could be opened to the general public. With the aid of public donations, the building and the adjacent one were purchased by the foundation.

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    because Kleiman later told her that five guns had been pointed at Kugler. But given Kleiman had sent Bep out of the building with his wallet, she was not present for what happened next.5 In a 1946 letter – incorrectly dated “February 1945” – Kleiman wrote to the Politieke Opsporings Dienst or

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    What happened to Mr. Kraler? Mr. Kraler (Victor Krugler) was taken to a concentration camp, but survives. Name the people who helped hide the Franks. Mr. Kraler (Victor Krugler), Mr. Koophius (Johannes Kleiman), Miep Gies (Hermine Gies-Santrouschitz), and Bep Voskuijl.

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