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    • Meet Lieserl Einstein (Albert Einstein’s Daughter), What Was ...
      • Following this line of thought, Lieserl died at infancy on the 18th of September 1903 at 20 months old. A different theory concerning the existence of Albert Einstein’s daughter says Lieserl Einstein was born completely disabled due to the lack of care for the mother who had to keep her pregnancy a secret to avoid criticisms.
  1. Zackheim's final conclusions, however--based on little more than inferences from a cryptic 1903 letter from Einstein to Mileva ("I am very sorry about what has happened to Lieserl. Scarlet fever often leaves some lasting trace behind") and vague comments about idiocy in the family by an elderly Maric descendant in the Serbian town of Kac ...

  2. Aug 14, 2013 · Lieserl Einstein-Maric was the first child of Albert Einstein, born to his first wife in 1902 prior to their marriage in 1903. Little is known of her, because she either died or was adopted, and ...

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    On January 27, 1902, the birth of Lieserl Einstein occurred. The first daughter between Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić was born when her parents had not yet married. At the beginning of the 20th century, a child out of wedlock was frowned upon. Under Swiss law, Lieserl would have ceased to be considered an illegitimate daughter as soon as Einstein and Marić were married, which happened months later. When Lieserl was born, Einstein was working in Switzerland, while his mother, Mileva, was in Serbia, giving birth at her parents' home. Lieserl's delivery is estimated to have been difficult. There is no record that makes reference to the baptism of the baby, although a private ceremony was probably held to welcome him to the Orthodox religion. Einstein had not yet met Mileva Marić's parents when Lieserl was born. Because of this, Marić asked the German scientist to accompany her to visit her parents in Serbia to meet them and give them the news of the pregnancy. The German refused and...

    As there are not many references about Lieserl, and his existence was only known more than 80 years after his birth, the assumptions about his life are multiple. Some believe that Albert Einstein's first daughter was born with Down syndrome and that this prevented her from being given up for adoption, so she stayed with Mileva's family. Others, based on letters between Einstein and Marić, claim that he died in September 1903 from scarlet fever. The option of her being given up for adoption shortly after birth is also handled, specifically to Helene Savić, a very close friend of Mileva. Savić's grandson, Milan Popović, a renowned psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, denied this option. The questions and the mystery about Lieserl Einstein have inspired some books. Perhaps the most important was that of Michel Zackheim, who spent several years researching Einstein's first daughter and captured everything in a book that was published in 1999 called Einstein's Daughter: The Search for Lieserl.

    The life of Lieserl Einstein was only known by the appearance in 1986 of letters between Einstein and his first wife. The letters were discovered by Evelyn, one of Albert Einstein's granddaughters and Hans Albert's daughter. Lieserl was mentioned for the first time in a letter Albert wrote to Mileva in May 1901. In the letter, Einstein refers to the unborn baby. The name is known because Marić mentions it in one of his writings later, in November of the same year, where he made it clear that he wanted a girl. Einstein showed joy at the presence of Lieserl in their lives in a letter dated December 1901 and acknowledged that he secretly hoped it was a boy, responding to the diminutive of Hanserl. Although there is no confirmation, it has been determined that January 27, 1902 was the day that Lieserl Einstein was born. Einstein learned of the birth of his first daughter from a letter from Milos Marić, Mileva's father, which was lost or destroyed. In February 1902, already learning of L...

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  3. Lieserl Einstein was the first child of the celebrated German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein, and his first wife, Serbian mathematician Mileva Marić. Not much is known about Lieserl as the only references to her are found in a few letters that her parents wrote to each other between 1901 and 1903.

  4. According to sources, Lieserl Einstein’s parents – Albert Einstein and Mileva – married in January 1903. It is not known whether Lieserl was still alive till the time her first younger brother, Hans Albert Einstein, was born in May 1904 in Bern, Switzerland, and her second younger brother Eduard was born in July 1910, in Zürich.

  5. Short life history: Lieserl Einstein-Maric * January 1902 in Novi Sad (Neusatz), Hungary, †? Private Einstein letters fell into the hands of the public in the 80ies and caused a lot of sensation, because they revealed that Einstein had an illegitimate daughter with his former fellow student Mileva Maric.

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