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  1. Nov 12, 2020 · By the end of Community ’s series finale, Jeff is forced to confront his worst fear – seeing those that he loves move on without him – but he does so with maturity and grace (well, mostly… it...

  2. So the final episode of Community ’s sixth season is a riotous pitch session for season 7, with every character imagining their own version of how the study group that stopped studying years...

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  4. Dec 22, 2020 · RELATED: Community: Each Of The Group's Season 7 Pitches From The Finale, Ranked. The last episode has Abed discussing season seven - and fans get to see a bunch of different future possibilities for the crew. While fans couldn't get a season seven, at least they got to see what could have been.

  5. Apr 4, 2020 · At the end of Community season 5, NBC officially canceled the show - but luckily for fans, Yahoo! Screen swooped in to produce season 6. This is where the changes in episode runtime came into effect, since network TV shows are beholden to 30-minute time slots with space for commercials.

    • Noah Welsh
    • Dan Harmon And Chevy Chase Butt Heads. Though its ratings were never great, Community mostly coasted through its first few years in existence without any kind of major public incident – but that narrative changed in spring of 2012 as the show was wrapping up its third year.
    • Dan Harmon Gets Fired From The Show After Season 3. Despite the fact that Chevy Chase has a nice long history of behind the scenes conflicts, it’s pretty damn hard to read the section above and see Dan Harmon as the hero of the story – and that’s actually a sentiment that Harmon himself found himself sharing as the situation blew up.
    • Chevy Chase Leaves The Show After Season 4. The incident with the wrap party and the voicemail was definitely the most public conflict involving Chevy Chase and Community, but it should be noted that the relationships between the actor and the other people involved with the show weren’t exactly sublime prior to all of that – and it’s pretty easy to pick up on that if you just watch the show.
    • Dan Harmon Gets Rehired For Season 5. After yet another brush with cancellation, Community found itself still breathing in May 2013, NBC committing to another round of episodes from the sitcom, but that wasn’t the only amazing news that month brought for fans.
  6. Jun 3, 2015 · Community was the show that commented on itself the whole time, and for the last episode of Season 6 the goal isn’t to lure new viewers, so might as well really lean into this thing and talk ...

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