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  1. Feb 5, 2024 · A vulnerability classified as critical was found in 60IndexPage up to 1.8.5. This vulnerability affects unknown code of the file /apply/index.php of the component Parameter Handler. The manipulation of the argument url leads to server-side request forgery. The attack can be initiated remotely.

  2. Feb 15, 2024 · Microsoft Windows SmartScreen contains a security feature bypass vulnerability that allows an attacker to bypass the SmartScreen user experience and inject code to potentially gain code execution, which could lead to some data exposure, lack of system availability, or both.

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  4. Feb 15, 2024 · A server-side request forgery vulnerability (CVE-2024-21893) A cyber threat actor could exploit CVE-2024-21888 and CVE-2024-21893 to take control of an affected system. Ivanti’s KB article includes software updates that cover these vulnerabilities in specific versions of the software as well as mitigations for affected software versions that ...

  5. Jan 26, 2024 · However, a common interpretation suggests that a penetration test is typically conducted manually by a human adversary against an organisation within a defined scope. When we first launched our...

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  6. Feb 15, 2024 · A vulnerability typically refers to a weakness or flaw in an application, system, or network that an attacker can exploit to compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of data. Social engineering can be seen as a tactic for exploiting the human vulnerability inherent in all systems that require a human to use or operate them.

  7. Feb 8, 2024 · Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is a process of securing computer systems from attackers by evaluating them to find loopholes and security vulnerabilities. Some VAPT tools assess a complete IT system or network, while some carry out an assessment for a specific niche.

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