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  1. 1. ( intr) (of an event in time) to come about or take place; occur. 2. (foll by: to) (of some unforeseen circumstance or event, esp death), to fall to the lot (of); be a source of good or bad fortune (to): if anything happens to me, it'll be your fault. 3. ( tr) to chance (to be or do something): I happen to know him.

  2. verb come to pass; occur synonyms for happened Compare Synonyms appear arise arrive crop up develop fall go on hit materialize meet pass result take effect take place transpire befall betide bump chance down ensue eventuate follow issue light proceed recur shake smoke spring stumble supervene be found become a fact become known become of come about

  3. C1. to do or be by chance: [ + to infinitive ] They happened to look (= looked by chance) in the right place almost immediately. [ + (that) ] Fortunately it happened (that) there was no one in the house at the time of the explosion. [ + that ] It just so happens that I have her phone number right here.

  4. Mar 27, 2021 · What Happen or What Happened: Understanding Grammar and Usage By: Susan Parker Published: March 27, 2021 “Happen” is a regular, much-used verb that most English students will discover early in their language journey. It is an active, intransitive verb, and knowing how to use it in all its tenses is important for fluency.

  5. To have discovered something either by chance or intention To have come into being as a result of something (happen to) Past tense for to become of Past tense for to come about by chance Verb To have discovered something either by chance or intention found discovered encountered located identified noticed detected distinguished recognized US

  6. “What Happened” is a complete statement used to make enquiries on an event that happened in the past. It involves asking about the past. It is a subject question because ‘what’ is the subject of the verb “happened” which doesn’t take auxiliary verbs and yet, retain its correctness and meaning.

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