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  1. With Union soldiers in the area, a nervous Clyde abandons the group to rejoin the Irregulars. Jake, Holt, and Sue Lee try to amputate Jack's injured arm, but he dies from complications of gangrene. After burying him, Jake and Holt escort Shelley to the Brown family homestead and entrust her to them while they ride off to find Clyde.

  2. Nov 24, 1999 · The film tells the story of a 16-year-old boy Jake ( Maguire) and his friend Jack ( Ulrich) who are caught on the front lines. The two begin a journey that will not only test their moral and political convictions, but threaten their lives. A love triangle is created between the two men and a young widow ( Jewel ).

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  4. Sue Lee Shelley : Good. That's good news, 'cause I wouldn't marry you for a wagonload full of gold. Pitt Mackeson : Why you little Dutch son of a bitch. You do what I tell you or I'll kill you. Jake : [pulls his gun a few inches from Pitt's face] And when do you figure to do this mean thing to me Mackeson? Is this very moment convenient for you?

  5. Informal gangs of local southern Bushwhackers fought a bloody and desperate guerrilla war against the occupying Union Army and pro-Union Jayhawkers. Title Card: Allegiance to either side was dangerous. But it was more dangerous still to find oneself caught in the middle. Evans: [finishing his haircut] There ya are, Dutchy, you're 21 again.

  6. Sheila Allen ... production auditor Jim Barmann ... office production assistant Steven F. Beaupre ... set production assistant (as Steven Beaupre)

  7. Apr 26, 2021 · The Ending Of The Devil All The Time Explained. In pretty much the entirely middle third of the picture, nothing much happens. When the RV is driving to Amarillo towards the end of the film, the vehicle is coming towards a detour sign and we see a group of road workers, one of which is a bearded man with a cowboy hat and no t-shirt.

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