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  1. In the series, Carter must balance life as a secret agent with that of a single woman in 1940s America. Development on a series inspired by the short film had begun by September 2013, with Atwell's involvement confirmed in January 2014. That May, ABC ordered the show straight to series.

  2. This is what secret agent action movies should be like...without pretension, without being overly's the raw simplicity and humor in "Le Professionnel" that make it oh-so-magnifique! Yes, Morricone's score is unforgettable. The characters...the heroes, antagonists...everything is so yummy and cozy.

  3. Jun 28, 2022 · The Mighty get a new home at Image Comics. By Michael Doran published 28 June 22 News The story of what if the world's only and most powerful superhero was a bad dude returns in a new publishing ...

  4. May 09, 2014 · In one of the paradoxes of storytelling, the reader wants to predict how the story will end (or how it will get to the end), but he wants to be wrong. So, the resolution of the story will be most satisfying when it ends in a way that is both inevitable and unexpected. Ingredient #5: Change. Think of a caterpillar entering a cocoon.

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    Jun 29, 2022 · Review The Thrustmaster eSwap S Pro is a good quality controller with a premium feel and allows you to swap modules, something unique to this series of controllers - but is priced just a bit too high.

  6. Get the latest TV news and features from, including breaking news about Dancing with the Stars, the Real Housewives franchise and The Bachelor.

  7. The Blacklist isn't the best TV show you've ever seen--it's not edgy or innovative with an original storyline or remarkable cinematography. It doesn't have distinctive, stylish features. Into its 3rd season, The Blacklist survives, it thrives despite its being no Breaking Bad, or Mr. Robot, or Fargo, or The Knick.

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