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    Jeff Evans, author of The Penguin TV Companion, criticises the glasses as a plot device, writing that they make Joe "look more like the class swot than a secret agent." Cook reads further into the series' theme of child empowerment, writing that Joe 90 creates a "technological utopia" around youth.

  2. Examples include Dorky Dave, Nerdy Nelson, Noah the Nerd, Beth the Bum, Bald Beth, Leon the Loser, Homeless Heather, Goodwill Gordan, Jordan the Janitor, and Four Eyes Fawaz. Alpha Bitch: A very common villain type in Dhar Mann videos. If a Dhar Mann video is set in a high school, expect one to appear, usually with a Girl Posse by her side.

  3. Big Boss' efforts to establish Outer Heaven, an Eden-like paradise for soldiers, play a major role in the mythos; appropriately enough, his utopia is brought down by a secret agent called "Snake". And Metal Gear Solid 3 has Snake working alongside two CIA agents code-named "ADAM" and "EVA", and seducing both of them .

  4. The actual best acting of the show goes to Indira Varma as the double agent Tala and the great Joel Edgerton making a welcome return as Owen Lars, the uncle to Luke Skywalker. Varma and Edgerton felt so natural compared to every other actor on this show to the point they made everyone else seem like amateurs, and some of these actors actually ...

  5. Scottish perspective on news, sport, business, lifestyle, food and drink and more, from Scotland's national newspaper, The Scotsman.

  6. Nov 29, 2007 · Every network hopes the show will be a multiple-season hit. Any TV show that reaches 100 episodes is eligible for syndication. In syndication, the rights to the show are sold to another network or, in some cases, retooled for the same network, allowing the series to be shown outside of the current or regularly scheduled time slot.

  7. Here are capture images from the swing video. Image 1 is at the end-backswing position. I have drawn a blue line at the top of his head to mark his head position. Image 2 is the start of his downswing's pelvic rotary motion and image 3 is at the end of his hip-squaring phase (phase 1 of the "left hip clearing" action).