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  1. 8.0 2002 X-Ray TV-PG. He's ingenious, he's phobic, he's obsessive-compulsive. Two-time Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Tony Shalhoub is former police detective Adrian Monk. The brilliant Monk is now back fighting crime and his abnormal fears of germs, cars, heights, crowds and virtually everything else known to man.

  2. Dec 05, 2009 · We knew from the first episode of the show that the finale would involve solving the murder of Adrian Monk’s wife, Trudy, and Friday night’s 125th episode got that out of the way well before the closing credits.

  3. Oct 06, 2019 · 10 Mr. Monk And The Three Pies - 8.7. Some of the best episodes of Monk not only feature a compelling investigation, but also introduce key players in Adrian Monk's story. The second season mystery "Mr. Monk and the Three Pies" is one of those very episodes. The central murder mystery revolving around a pie contest at a small town fair is ...

  4. Dec 04, 2020 · But “Mank” is not entirely a poison pen letter, either. Fincher’s usual mode of cinematic discourse is on commendable display in the shot depicting writer and Mankiewicz crony Charles Lederer’s introduction to Hollywood: a closeup of the telegram, in Lederer’s hand, containing Mankiewicz’s invitation to Tinseltown (“Millions to be made here and your only competition is idiots ...

  5. 3. level 1. · 9 mo. ago. Do you think that when Mank said of Hearst: "Our Quixote looks into the mirror of his youth and decides to break this glass, a maddening reminder of who he once was. Assisted by his faithful Sancho and armed with all the black magic at his command, he does just this.

  6. Izuku Midoriya: Origin (緑谷出久:オリジン, Midoriya Izuku: Orijin?) is the first episode of the My Hero Academia anime. Some time ago, a younger Izuku Midoriya stands up to Katsuki Bakugo in order to defend another child from being bullied. Katsuki doesn't take "Deku" seriously and mocks him for being Quirkless and attempting to play hero. Back to present time, a now 14-year-old ...

  7. Apr 30, 2021 · He killed the Guardians of the Globe at the end of the first episode to kick off his plan to weaken Earth's defenses for a takeover by his alien race, the Viltrumites. Omni-Man's murderous tendencies were a secret to the world until the end of Invincible episode 7 when he killed The Immortal again, but this time it was live on television.

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