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    • What are major events in world history occurred in 1971?

      • Historical Events for the Year 1971. 1st January » Cigarette advertising e.g advertisements are banned on American television. 1st January » Hellenic Railways Organisation, the Greek national railway company, is founded. 2nd January » The second 1971 Ibrox disaster Ibrox disaster kills 66 fans at a Rangers F.C. Rangers-Celtic F.C. Celtic ...
  1. List of August 13th Major News Events 1966 Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China 1920 Poland Soviet Attack Warsaw 1953 France General Strike 1961 East Germany Border Closed To West Germany 2011 Stages Collapses at Indiana State Fair Find More Details for What happened 13th August This Day in History on your birthday

  2. Oct 02, 2011 · 1962 James Meredith registered at the University of Mississippi accompanied by 400 U.S. deputy marshals and 1000 troops 1971 Walt Disney World Resort Opens 1982 U.S.A. Epcot Opens Find More Details for What happened 1st October This Day in History on your birthday 1 Oct, 1964 Japan High Speed Trains

  3. The Infamous Episode Of Badajoz The gruesome Siege of Badajoz, where the combined forces of the Great Britain and the Portuguese army, fought against the French military troops, ended on 6th April, 1812. The united force of Britain and Portugal emerged victorious, even though they lost around 4800 soldiers. 1862 Wars The Bloody Battle Of Shiloh

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  5. Feb 02, 1990 · 1971 : Major General Idi Amin declares himself president of Uganda and chief of the armed forces. Shortly after taking power he launched a genocidal program to purge Uganda of its Lango and Acholi ethnic groups and later that year, he ordered all Indians and Pakistanis to leave the country. 2 Feb, 1972 British Embassy Destroyed

  6. Cyclone in Bangladesh kills 500,000 US increases import duty taxes to protect American Jobs 100,000 people demonstrate in Washington DC against the Vietnam War National Guards fire on and kill 4 protesters on May 4th at Kent State University More Detailed Information on each Event and those not included can be found below

  7. Mar 01, 2016 · DC was a lot slower to bring a bit of diversity into their comics – the first black DC superhero was Green Lantern John Stewart, who made his debut in 1971. 8 8. The Death of Gwen Stacy (1973)