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    • Pentagon Papers. The New York Times begins to publish sections of the Pentagon Papers starting on June 13th showing the US Government had been lying to the American People.
    • 26th Amendment. The Voting Age in the United States is lowered to 18 yrs old when the 26th Amendment to the US Constitution is ratified. More Information and Timeline for 26th Amendment.
    • Border battles between India and Pakistan. Border battles between India and Pakistan erupt into full-scale war when India invades East Pakistan ( Now Bangladesh ) in support of the independence movement.
    • Disney World Opens. The Walt Disney World Theme Park is opened. More Information for Disney World 1. Walt Disney begins secretly purchasing large tracts of land in central Florida in 1965.
  1. May 26, 2021 · A timeline of the major moments in NBC’s hit family drama This is Us, from very beginning up through the season 5 finale, in chronological order.

    • Maggie Fremont
  2. There have been many important moments, actions and turning points in the Pursuit of LGBT2Q+ acceptance across Turtle Island (Canada), so we present to you a brief timeline of notable milestones, our history is expansive and this is not, by any means, a comprehensive list. Explore the milestones in Canadian queer history.

  3. In our Queer history, we like to think that the timeline of milestones uses both definitions. Here you will find not only important events that were tipping points, important steps on the road to rights and representation, but also you can find a sense of how long ago and how recently some of the events that have shaped our community have happened.

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  5. The timeline portrays a list of every event that happened in the wizarding world, along with the appropriate date on which they happened. The only time a page will be made for an actual year (e.g. 1992) is when that year had a number of notable events that happened. If only one event happened in a certain year, that year will not have it's own page. They will instead be noted in a page for the ...

  6. What Happened in 1970 Important News and Events, Key Technology and Popular Culture. What happened in 1970 Major News Stories include Major News Stories include Concorde first supersonic flight, Jumbo Jet goes into service, Isle of Wight Festival, Chicago Seven found guilty, Aswan High Dam completed, US and the UK lowers the voting age to 18, 100,000 demonstrate in Washington DC against the ...

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