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  1. Includes a short segment on the background, events and effect of the Kent State shootings, using film footage and photographs taken at the time. Literature Graphic novels. Issue #57 of Warren Ellis' graphic novel, Transmetropolitan, contains an homage to the Kent State shootings and John Filo's photograph of Mary Ann Vecchio.

  2. Contests Student Contest Winner: Told He Had Six Months to Live, He Opened an Art Exhibit. After Kim Gyoo-sik was named an artist of the year in a national contest, he learned he had late-stage ...

  3. Nov 21, 2013 · Applauded for successfully regenerating a demoralised and fractured country’s pride (after the 1971 East Pakistan debacle), and igniting within the working classes a sudden sense of political ...

  4. History Defined is full of fun images providing us insight into specific moments in the past. #25 The 4000-Year-Old Skeletons Of A Mother Who Was Trying To Shield Her Child From A Massive Earthquake That Struck China In 2000 Bc And Triggered Massive Floods, In An Event That Is Sometimes Referred To As ‘China’s Pompeii’.

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    Pontefract is a historic market town in the Metropolitan Borough of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England, east of Wakefield and south of Castleford. Historically part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, it is one of the towns in the City of Wakefield District and had a population of 30,881 at the 2011 Census.

  6. Sep 05, 2021 · Aboriginal history: Omitted, brushed over, changed "Australian history started with Captain Cook," is what a lot of people, even today, tell me when asked what they learned at school. Secondary history books, published just a few years back, sometimes brush over Indigenous history in twelve pages only.

  7. Modern History FunTrivia and History Quizzes Take a look at our Modern History Quiz pages where you can test your knowledge on world history events from before the 1920s to the 2000s. We also have some specialty quizzes featuring Sports, TV and Movies, Prices, and more!

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