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    related to: what is/are the earliest predictors) of neonatal sepsis symptoms due
  2. The term sepsis describes a very serious type of infection that usually enters the body. Sometimes sepsis happens through visible outer wounds, although sometimes sepsis

  1. Neonatal Sepsis is an emergency. Earliest clinical features includes refusal to feed, feed intolerance, hypothermia, excessive cry or lethargy, respiratory distress and increased CFT.

  2. Background: The aim of this study was to investigate whether presepsin level in umbilical cord blood can be used as a predictor of early onset neonatal sepsis (EONS) in preterm labor with premature rupture of membranes (PROM), allowing rational use of antibiotics.

    • Wael Seliem, Amira M. Sultan
    • 8
    • 2018
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  4. Background: Neonatal sepsis plays a significant role in neonates' mortality in developing countries accounting for 30-50% of total deaths each year. Gaining insight into neonatal sepsis predictors will provide an opportunity for the stakeholders to reduce the causes of neonatal sepsis.

    • Atkuregn Alemayehu, Mihiretu Alemayehu, Aseb Arba, Hanna Abebe, Abraham Goa, Kebreab Paulos, Mohamme...
    • 1
    • 2020
  5. IL 6 and IL8 levels should be done for early detection of neonatal sepsis which will lead to early diagnosis of neonatal sepsis with early treatment and subsequent better prognosis. Abstract Study of some cord blood markers as early predictors of neonatal sepsis. El Farargy MS1*, El-sharkawy HM1, Attia GF2

    • El Farargy Ms, El-sharkawy Hm, Attia Gf
    • 2018
  6. Jun 19, 2019 · Neonatal sepsis is a diagnosis made in infants less than 28 days of life and consists of a clinical syndrome that may include systemic signs of infection, circulatory shock, and multisystem organ failure. Neonatal sepsis may be divided into two types: early-onset neonatal sepsis (EONS) and late-onset neonatal sepsis (LONS).

  7. Jan 14, 2020 · Early-onset neonatal sepsis (EOS) remains a life-threatening condition with an incidence of 1.5–3.5/1,000 per live births and a mortality rate ranging from 5 to 10% in developed countries (1, 2). The outcome and prognosis of EOS depends particularly on early and efficient treatment ( 1 ).

    • Carolin U. Stiel, Chinedu U. Ebenebe, Magdalena Trochimiuk, Laia Pagarols Raluy, Deirdre Vincent, Do...
    • 1
    • 2020
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