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  2. This language is one of the greatest existing classical languages in the world. Tamil literature is over two thousand years old and it is a language having both the classical past and the contemporary present. Sangam literature is Tamil literature and its earliest period is dated from 300 BC-AD 300.

  3. As nouns the difference between tamil and english is that tamil is a tamil person, belonging to the tamil people while english is (us) spinning or rotary motion given to a ball around the vertical axis, as in billiards or bowling. As a adjective tamil is tamil; of or pertaining to the tamil people of india and sri lanka, their culture, or language.

  4. You need an online machine translator to quickly translate Tamil to English. We hope that our Tamil to English translator can simplify your process of translation of Tamil text, messages, words, or phrases. If you type Tamil phrase "வணக்கம் நண்பரே!" in input text box and click Translate Button than it is translated to ...

  5. Tamil means it is a name of the language like english,,, Rohantha De Silva Lived in Colombo, Sri Lanka 3 y Related What is the meaning of Tamil? Tamil is an ethnic group whose origin is in South India / Tamil Nadu . Also their Language is also called Tamil Ravi Vedhapuri Studied Politics & Anbumani Ramadoss (Indian politician) 5 y Related

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    Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu ( / ˌtæmɪl ˈnɑːduː /; Tamil: [ˈtamiɻ ˈnaːɽɯ] ( listen), abbr. TN) is a state in extreme south India. It is the tenth largest Indian state by area and the sixth largest by population. Its capital and largest city is Chennai.

    • 1 November 1956; 66 years ago
    • India
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