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  1. day or week.1 Likewise in the UK, streaming video services have gained in importance, already 41% of all consumers purchased such a service in the UK. 2 Even in the more conservative German TV market, 44% of the population make use of subscription-based videos-on-demand (SVoD) at least once a week.3 With the success of VoD, consumers

  2. become real. The role of Network 2030 is to identify the right set of network technologies required to deliver these applications. To be exact, it is scoped to serve up the communication needs of our society in the year 2030: its purpose remains to address new capabilities of both public and private wireline or fixed networks.

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  4. Nov 23, 2012 · Robotics technology will use polymer gel muscles too, and a nice silicone covering could make them very human-like, so they can mix easily with humans as servants, colleagues, guards or companions ...

  5. including surveying subfields and their status, examining a particular technology such as machine learning or natural language processing, and studying particular application areas such as healthcare or transportation. The committee ultimately chose a thematic focus on “AI and Life in 2030” to recognize that AI’s various uses

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  6. Nov 12, 2015 · From the survey results, the council identified 21 defining moments, all of which they predict will occur by 2030. Here’s a look at the technological shifts you can expect during the next 14 years.

  7. 2030 I Am Legend: 2007: 2009–2012 I Know What You Did Last Summer: 1997: 1998 (epilogue) I, Robot: 2004: 2035 I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer: 2006: 2007 (epilogue) The Ice Pirates: 1984: unspec. Idiocracy: 2006: 2505 The Illustrated Man: 1969: unspec. Immortel (Ad Vitam) 2004: 2095 Impostor: 2002: 2079 In Time: 2011: 2169 In the ...