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    although the 2030 vision is a technology roadmap it’s primary focus is in empowering the creative – to be able to achieve more – to be more efficient (replacing repetitive and menial tasks so they can focus on creative tasks), flexible (so workflows can change and adapt to new situations and technologies) and faster (so there’s more of the most

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    Sep 07, 2022 · The 2030 Vision. The Movielabs Whitepaper ‘The Evolution of Media Creation: A 10-year vision for the future of media production, post and creative technologies” – commonly referred to as the 2030 Vision paper, was published in August 2019. It rapidly became the industry’s common goal post and helps sharpen strategies and focus resources ...

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    • Politics
    • Cyber Warfare
    • Cross-Culture
    • Terrorism
    • Hegemony
    • Internet

    Globalization together with the increase in interdependence among countries is poised to change the balance of political power, which will make it challenging to individual countries to influence the course of events. There is no doubt that power is gradually shifting from the West to other parts of the world as well as to non-state and individual ...

    In 2030, the threat level of cyber-attacks perpetrated by non-state actors will be higher than the current. In addition, the link between cyber warfare and weapons of mass destruction is likely to increase. It has been predicted that cyberspace will be characterized by an increase in non-state actors. This translates to an increase in access to dis...

    Globalization is having significant impacts on the families. It has a played a crucial role in increasing the number of multiracial families across the globe owing to the fact that it facilitates the global movement of people as well as interaction. With an increase in immigration, the rates of intermarriages are on the increase. As of 1960, only 1...

    Notable predictions have been regarding the state of terrorism by 2030. The first remarkable prediction is that the current trend of Islamic terrorism is expected to end by 2030. This will be attributed to the increase in political upheavals in the Muslim world and the emergence of new generation of Muslims who are less interested in the difference...

    Projections indicate that the current US hegemony is poised to end by 2030; however, no any other country will have hegemonic power. As mentioned earlier, the global political environment will be multipolar, characterized by power distributed among states and non-state actors. There is the possibility that, after the US hegemony ends, Asia is likel...

    Internet remains one of the most disruptive technologies that change a faster pace. The Internet is increasingly becoming more integrated to human lives with the increase in inanimate devised connected to the Internet. Projections indicate that internet users across the globe will reach 5 billion by 2020. As of 2025, the internet penetration rate i...

    • Human-Like AI Will Likely Become A Reality. By 2030, there will be exponential improvements of computer processing power, voice recognition, image recognition, deep learning and other software algorithms.
    • 8K Virtual Reality Headsets Will Become Mainstream. By 2030, most VR screens will have 8k resolution, which has 4 times the number of pixels on 4k screens.
    • Brain-Interface Devices Will Become Mainstream. By 2030, most VR headsets could include the option for a brain-computer interface to record users' electrical signals, enabling actions to be directed by merely thinking about them.
    • The First Quantum Computers With 1 Million Qubits Will Emerge. By 2030, IBM and Google could each build quantum computers with 1 million qubits. This advancement will revolutionize how we solve optimization problems, train and run machine learning algorithms, and better understand the physical processes of nature down to the sub-atomic level.
  4. Dec 19, 2021 · Professor. Date. Things in 2030. Many changes are happening in the world in all sectors, aided by breakthroughs in technology. Technology has already disrupted many industries and provided numerous opportunities for exponential growth. In the year 2030, I anticipate many things to be different from the way they are at this stage.

  5. Technology in Schools in 2030 Essay. I stepped through the doors of our energy efficient paperless school, one where students are encouraged to explore; it is focused around collaboration, gaming, virtual learning and 3D holographic technology, where all the surfaces are interactive and dynamic. The words came flowing; learning, feedback, group ...

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