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    What is a Cake Eater?

    What foods were served in the US Army?

    What do you get a Cake Eater mug for?

  2. What The Heck Is A Cake Eater? | Jedi Council Forums › threads › what-the-heck-is-a

    charlie sheen's character called michael biehn's character a cake eater. i know that the kid in mighty ducks I'm guessing since Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen are brothers, it was a common insult among their family

  3. Military term cake eater" Keyword Found Websites Listing ... › search › military

    In the military, the term cake eater refers to civilians. The Navy, however, uses cake eater to refer to a sailor who reenlists into the troops, as most are served cake at the reenlistment ceremony. Origins of the “Cake Eater” Saying

  4. Cake Eater. Usually a soft-bodied, self-involved Politician.

  5. Military Terms, Military Jargon, Slang | › join-armed-forces › military

    The U.S. military uses many unique items and concepts that civilians aren't exposed to. ... Officer's Candy-- Navy term used by sailors to describe the scented cake placed in ... Snake Eater ...

  6. Urban Dictionary: cake eater › define

    cake eater A cake eater actually refers to Edina, MN, saying the people in it are so rich they can have their cake and eat it too. It could also refer to rich white suburban kids in general, too. And BTW- Mighty Ducks was filmed in Minnesota, so he's probably literally calling that kid a cake-eater from Edina.

  7. What is a cake eater? - Programmer and Software Interview ... › what-is-a-cake-eater

    A cake eater is a slang term used to refer to people who are very rich. It is a term that’s usually meant as an insult, because the people who are called cake eaters are thought to be very self-entitled, and think that because they are rich they can do anything they want.

  8. Meal, Combat, Individual ration - Wikipedia › wiki › Meal,_Combat,_Individual

    Included in the MCI ration was a can of pound cake, manufactured in 1969. He kept the unopened can and vowed to eat the pound cake when he retired from the Army. On July 24, 2009, with news media and dignitaries in attendance, Moak opened the forty-year-old can and ate the contents.

  9. Dec 03, 2013 · The US military drawdown in Afghanistan — which is underway but still awaiting the outcome of a proposed bilateral security agreement — is often referred to by soldiers as "the retrograde ...

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