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  1. Mother-in-law. Good-hearted. Merry-go-round. Check-in. Twinkl Tip: Occasionally, compound words are referred to as compound nouns. This is when two nouns are combined to form a new noun. A compound noun describes a person, place, or thing. For example, toothpaste, rainforest, and sister-in-law are all compound nouns.

  2. Compound Words When two small words are joined together, the new word is called a compound word. Use the printable worksheets and activities below to help you teach students about this phonics skill. Basic Compound Words 1 FREE Put the two smaller words together to make a new word. example: sun + shine = sunshine 1st through 3rd Grades View PDF

  3. A compound is a word or word group that consists of two or more parts that work together as a unit to express a specific concept. Compounds can be formed by combining two or more words (as in double–check, cost–effective, farmhouse, graphic equalizers, park bench, around–the–clock, or son of a gun ), by combining prefixes or suffixes ...

  4. Compound Words Worksheets. Compound words worksheets. Compound word printables. 2nd grade language worksheets. Students should understand what compound words are and what they aren't. Use these compound word printables to help develop the understanding of compound words. What is a Compound word? Compound words are two words put together.

  5. A compound word is _____. a word formed by two or more smaller words a word used to describe people, places or things a word formed by shortening and combing two different words a word...

  6. Jul 12, 2021 · Compound Word Worksheets There are three different compound word worksheets to practice 24 compound words including: ladybug, toothpaste, butterfly, basketball, snoflake, treehouse, bathtub, teacup, snowglobe, baseball, pineapple, rainbow, sunglasses, hot dog, starfish, toothbrush, cookbook, backpack, bandaid, and more! Compound Words for Kids

  7. Jul 05, 2021 · Included in this pack of compound word printables are a variety of compound words activity ideas for pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade students. First there are compound word picture cards with cute clipart to decipher. Then pick from one of the many handy compound words worksheet included.

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