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  2. Nov 28, 2023 · Top 12 Guard Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed. 1. Giant Schnauzer; 2. Kerry Blue Terrier; 3. Standard Poodle; 4. Portuguese Water Dog; 5. Standard Schnauzer; 6. Cane Corso; 7. Komondor; 8. Puli; 9. Briard; 10. Airedale Terrier; 11. Bergamasco Sheepdog; 12. Staffordshire Bull Terrier; Conclusion

  3. Mar 19, 2024 · While most guard dog breeds have thick coats to protect them from the elements, shedding can be problematic for those with allergies or a desire for a cleaner home. Fortunately, there are several protective dogs that don’t shed. Contents. 1 17 Guard Dogs That Don’t Shed. 1.1 1. Poodles. 2 2. Schnauzer. 3 3. Portuguese Water Dog. 4 4.

  4. The idea that there’s a dog that doesn’t shed at all is a myth. There’s no dog breed that is completely non-shedding; all dogs shed to some degree. But there are low-shedding dogs that keep shedding to a minimum—and, in fact, shed so little, you probably won’t even notice.

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    • what is a good guard dog that doesn't shed a lot2
    • what is a good guard dog that doesn't shed a lot3
    • what is a good guard dog that doesn't shed a lot4
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  5. Apr 24, 2024 · 1. Catahoula Leopard Dogs, known for their short, smooth coats, are a great choice for those looking for a guard dog that doesn’t shed much. They are low maintenance in terms of grooming, requiring just weekly brushings to remove dead fur and keep their coat soft.

  6. Aug 5, 2023 · When considering a guard dog that doesn’t shed, several benefits come into play. Firstly, these breeds are ideal for individuals with allergies or asthma, as they produce fewer allergens. Additionally, they are perfect for those who prioritize cleanliness and a neat living space since minimal shedding means less time spent cleaning up fur.

  7. Dec 3, 2020 · The best guard dog that don’t shed will protect your home without the pesky tumblefurs. Still, these canines require regular grooming, some even more so than shedding breeds. Proper training is also necessary to keep them well-rounded and far from aggressive.

  8. Well, I've done the research for you, and here’s a list of six low shedding, protective breeds: Black Russian Terrier. Giant Schnauzer. Puli. Cane Corso. Spanish Water Dog. Komondor. Although every dog sheds at least to some extent, the six breeds above are noteworthy for less blown hair throughout your house.

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