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  1. In early Philippine history, the Tagalog Bayan ("country" or "city-state") of Maynila (Filipino: Bayan ng Maynila; Baybayin: ᜊᜌᜈᜋᜈᜒᜎ) was a major Tagalog city-state on the southern part of the Pasig River delta, where the district of Intramuros currently stands.

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    Various aspects of the Spanish equestrian tradition can be traced back to Islamic rule in Spain, including Moorish elements such as the use of Oriental-type horses, the la jineta riding style characterized by a shorter stirrup, solid-treed saddle and use of spurs, the heavy noseband or hackamore, (Arabic šakīma, Spanish jaquima) and other horse-related equipment and techniques.

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