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  1. Select an original language word to open its entry in the right hand sidebar. Here you’ll find information on that word such as its definition, how it’s translated in the New International Version, and how frequently each translation appears. The image below is an example entry with each element explained.

  2. For 850k language learners and expats, creating the greatest translation app. is an app that helps people learn new languages by paraphrasing what you say into their target language. It also has a built-in application called mate with a dictionary so you can quickly look up words in any language and get more details about their meaning.

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    Stylistics, a branch of applied linguistics, is the study and interpretation of texts of all types and/or spoken language in regard to their linguistic and tonal style, where style is the particular variety of language used by different individuals and/or in different situations or settings.

  4. Many scholars have produced language learning materials for communities, including those by Zef Skirò Di Maxho who has written two books, Udha e Mbarë and Udhëtimi, both used in schools in the village of Piana degli Albanesi, Sicily. Gaetano Gerbino wrote Fjalori Arbëresh (Arbëresh dictionary). Other authors include Giuseppe Schirò Di ...

  5. Standard type denotes the dynamic translation that is the foundation these elements are built on. It translates the many imprecise words that English translations have borrowed in their renderings, including Lord, Christ, baptism, angel, and apostle. The translation process for each book began as negotiation between a gifted writer and scholars ...

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