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  1. Tagalog Voice Generator Our text to speech Filipino voices are based on neural network technology, so they try to understand the context of a larger piece of text in order to decide how to pronounce individual words. This makes them sound life-like. They are great to create: Tagalog narration for language lessons

  2. Better Search Algorithm, Custom Built For Tagalog: This Dictionary has been specially coded with enhanced search functionality tailored to the unique attributes of the Filipino / Tagalog language and its complex system of prefixes, suffixes and infixes.

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  4. With the built in language learning programs and now an additional GPS receiver, you'll feel safe wherever your travels take you. An included CPen scans and translates any text encountered alongside Ectaco's award winning talking dictionaries and speech to speech translation. ECTACO Military SpeechGuard GI-4t Price: $399 00 Bid your price!

  5. English-Tagalog dictionary text-to-speech Pertaining to technologies for converting textual (ASCII) information into synthetic speech output. Used in voice-processing applications requiring production of broad, unrelated, and unpredictable vocabularies, such as products in a catalog or names and addresses.

  6. LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary English -> Tagalog (Filipino) for Windows is part of LingvoSoft Suite - the complete language solution available only from LingvoSoft. First choice at home, at school or at work, LingvoSoft Dictionary provides instant bilingual translations that can be voiced aloud using the latest TTS (text-to-speech ...

  7. sa seksyong" Teksto sa pagsasalita " gumawa ng" Google text. [...] Enter the text into the text area then press"ENTER" to speech. Ipasok ang teksto sa lugar ng teksto pagkatapos ay pindutin ang" ENTER" sa speech. It cannot speech over 60 seconds but you can divide a long text to multiple lines to avoid this issue.