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      • In ‘twelfth night’, the desire for love from duke Orsino is highlighted at the very beginning. Orsino’s hunger for love, music being ‘the food of love’, and the metaphors ‘excess’ and ‘surfeit’ all emphasize the overwhelming feelings of love.
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  2. This means that the poor who have nothing are likely to be proud of something small. Olivia goes on to say that she would rather be defeated by a worthy opponent—a lion—rather than a cruel one. Her small pride is that Cesario was a worthy opponent. This metaphor should give the audience pause though.

  3. Twelfth Night: Metaphor Analysis. The Fool- Feste represents the contradictory nature of the play. Though he is the fool, he has an incredible wit, and shows that things are not always as they seem. Twelfth Night- The name of the play is a holiday in which things are said to be turned upside down. Because of the nature of the plot of the play, this seems fitting.

  4. May 05, 2015 · Drowning in Twelfth Night is nearly always a metaphor for loss, usually a loss of perspective through submersion in excess. The theme is seen in the first speech of the play, as Orsino asks to be...

  5. Twelfth Night: Examining the Text. Shakespeare uses figurative language as he speaks with metaphors, similes, and personification. Recognizing when his characters are speaking figuratively helps in understanding the play. A metaphor is the application of a word or phrase to somebody or something that is not meant literally but to make a comparison.

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  6. At various points in the play, hunting is used as a metaphor for the lover's pursuit of his beloved. The metaphor is telling because it emphasizes the extent to which a lover like Orsino takes pleasure in pursuing, rather than consummating, love: for an aristocrat like him, who does not need to hunt for food, once the prey of a hunt is caught, the fun is over.

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