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  1. Twelfth Night: Examining the Text. Shakespeare uses figurative language as he speaks with metaphors, similes, and personification. Recognizing when his characters are speaking figuratively helps in understanding the play. A metaphor is the application of a word or phrase to somebody or something that is not meant literally but to make a comparison.

  2. The use of imagery is basic. Other literary devices are used excessively. Their occurrence in the play Twelfth Night is listed below. The image of flowers is used as simile. It says. “ For women are as roses, whose fair flower being once displayed, doth fall that very hour.”. Precious stones are used as metaphors.

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  4. Shakespeare is at his best with the extended metaphor, which begins with an idea, expressed as a metaphor, which is then explored and developed with yet more metaphors. In this example from Richard II John of Gaunt makes a patriotic speech, praising England. This royal throne of kings, this sceptred isle, This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,

  5. Class struggle and social standing is a prominent theme of this play. It is explored by the following characters: Malvolio, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Sebastian and Maria. Malvolio, a steward, desires to marry Olivia and become the Count. It shows his struggle to be a part of noble class.

  6. Frequent reading of Shakespeare—and of other poets—trains us to supply such missing words. In some plays, Shakespeare uses omissions both of verbs and of nouns to great dramatic effect. In Twelfth Night omissions are rare and seem to be used to affect the tone of the speech or for the sake of speech rhythm.

  7. Hallucination. At different points in the play, characters speak of having hallucinations and compare the feeling of being in love to hallucinating. By connecting love with hallucinations, Shakespeare stresses that love is often based on misperceptions… read analysis of Hallucination.

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