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  1. General Piano & Music - How to Tune a Piano, the Piano Tuning ...

    Actually it's a keyboard made of bananas, attached to a synthesizer of some sort, as you can see in the video. The excitement here isn't the music being made. The key to the excitement is in the bananas themselves. This banana piano uses a Makey Makey, a new device that turns everyday objects into touch inputs for an electronic device.

  2. (PDF) New Trends in Sound Synthesis and Automatic Tuning of ...

    determines the realistic sound of the musical instruments, tuning the synthesizer as a human expert does becomes meaningful. Keywords: Sound Synthesis, Automatic Tuning, Musical Instruments.

  3. Tips to Ensure Your Piano Tuning is Up ... - Liberty Park Music

    A piano has over 3000 parts. Tuning the piano is rather minor when you consider this. A piano tuner does one thing, tunes the piano. Most people who fall into this category will generally use electronic devices to let them know when the string is in tune. They may or may not have amateur knowledge on a few repairs on the piano, but it would be ...

  4. Gordon’s FAQ - A440 Piano Tuning and Repair

    The piano is then adjusted (by tightening or loosening strings), until it agrees with the audio standard.The smallest frequency offset that a piano tuner can hear depends on many factors, including the sound volume, the duration of the tone, the suddenness of the frequency change, and the musical training of the listener.

  5. Just Intonation Explained - Kyle Gann

    We're used to eight different keys on the piano all being called by the same letter - C - but we're not used to fractions behaving this way: 1/1 = 2/1 = 4/1. In just intonation, that's the way it is. Fractions in tuning are usually written in such a way as to bring them between 1/1 and 2/1, multiplying or dividing by 2 when necessary. That is,

  6. DIY Synth Series Part 1 — The Exponential VCO - Projects

    Music used to be done entirely with REAL instruments such as guitars and pianos but synthetic sounds have made their mark on the musical scene, as well. A great band to look at for an example is Kraftwerk , which in the 1970s used synthesizers to create all their sounds from the aggressive sawtooths to the gentle beep and boop of a computer.

  7. Tuning and temperament - Tuning and musical history | Britannica

    Tuning and temperament - Tuning and temperament - Tuning and musical history: It is seldom realized what an important effect tuning practices have had on the development of harmony and tonality. From the 10th to the 13th century thirds and sixths—now considered consonant—were treated as dissonances simply because, according to then-current tuning methods, they were dissonances. In ...

  8. For repairs to Technics, Roland, Yamaha, Korg electronic musical instruments such as electronic digital pianos, keyboards, floppy disc/disk drives, some recent synths, backlights, surface mount rework, Mike Barden - full-time, professional electronic musical instrument repair specialist in central Surrey.

  9. 17 Best Free Piano Software -

    Everyone Piano is a free piano software for your computer. To play piano with this freeware you need to use the keyboard of your computer. It also gives you the option of customizing the audio settings. You can use various keys for fine tuning this piano. It includes some classical masterpieces in its music library.

  10. Amason Guangzhou Pearl River amson digital musical instrument Limited by Share Ltd, affiliated to Pearl River Piano Group subsidiary. Established in July 2008, it is an electronic instrument manufacturer with comprehensive management of R&D, production, sales, import and export trade.

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