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  1. Wide Sargasso Sea: Plot Overview | SparkNotes › lit › sargasso

    Wide Sargasso Sea Antoinette's story begins when she is a young girl in early nineteenth- century Jamaica. The white daughter of ex-slave owners, she lives on a run-down plantation called Coulibri Estate.

  2. Wide Sargasso Sea The character of Antoinette derives from Charlotte Brontë's poignant and powerful depiction of a deranged Creole outcast in her gothic novel Jane Eyre. Rhys creates a prehistory for Bronte's character, tracing her development from a young solitary girl in Jamaica to a love-depraved lunatic in an English garret.

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  4. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys Plot Summary | LitCharts › lit › wide-sargasso-sea

    Antoinette Cosway, a creole, or Caribbean person of European descent, recounts her memories of growing up at her family’s estate, Coulibri, in Jamaica in the 1830‘s.

  5. Wide Sargasso Sea Summary | GradeSaver › wide-sargasso-sea › study-guide

    Wide Sargasso Sea Summary. Wide Sargasso Sea begins in Jamaica after the Emancipation Act of 1833, under which Britain outlawed slavery in all its colonies. The first part of the novella is told from the point-of-view of Antoinette Cosway, a young white girl whose father, a hated former slaveholder, has died and left his wife and children in ...

  6. Wide Sargasso Sea Summary and Study Guide | SuperSummary › wide-sargasso-sea › summary

    Wide Sargasso Sea is divided into three parts. Part One takes place in Jamaica during the 1830s shortly after Great Britain passed the Emancipation Act and ended slavery in its West Indian colonies. Antoinette Cosway, the protagonist, narrates this section and chronicles her early life on her family’s Coulibri Estate.

  7. Annette Character Analysis in Wide Sargasso Sea | LitCharts › lit › wide-sargasso-sea

    Antoinette’s mother, Annette is a widow at the start of the novel, sunk into debt after the death of her husband. Her relationship with Antoinette is distant, owing partially to her preoccupation with her sick, mentally handicapped son, Pierre.

  8. Wide Sargasso Sea Part 1 Summary & Analysis | LitCharts › lit › wide-sargasso-sea

    Antoinette and her family are isolated, socially and geographically. Antoinette explains that their exclusion from white society is a result of disapproval by “the Jamaican ladies” of her mother Annette ’s youth, physical beauty, and origins from Martinique.

  9. Wide Sargasso Sea Chapter Summaries - › topics › wide-sargasso

    Wide Sargasso Sea takes place in the latter decades of the nineteenth century, shortly after slavery has been abolished. Antoinette is living on a dilapidated old plantation called Coulibri Estate,...

  10. Wide Sargasso Sea: Part One, Section One | SparkNotes › lit › sargasso

    Narrated by Antoinette, Part One of Wide Sargasso Sea focuses on her childhood at Coulibri after the death of her father, Alexander Cosway. Antoinette's vague and fragmentary memories focus on glimpses of tropical landscape, descriptions of her mother, and examples of her childhood isolation.

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