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    Within 45 days following the earlier of (i) the due date (taking into account extensions) for filing any such Tax Return (excluding any Tax Return with respect to payment of estimated Taxes or Taxes due with a request for extension of time to file) or (ii) the date on which such Tax Return is filed, if SYNNEX is the Responsible Party, then ...

  2. Starting in 2014, unitary groups file Form CO-411, Corporate Income Tax Return. The CO-411U has been discontinued. The CO-411U has been discontinued. Each return package will have a BA-402, Apportionment & Allocation Schedule Instructions which reports the PVC’s apportionment percentage, and carries forward to Line 6 of the CO-411.

  3. In February 2019 the government passed tax reforms that tripled income taxes for businesses earning over $5 million per year and increased other taxes. The government promised to analyze and adjust these policies within 90 days, but still has not as of May 2020.

  4. end of the tax year. The final return must include a schedule showing the distribution of the assets to the stockholders. If you owe tax and need an extension of time to file your Corporate Tax return, you must file the SC1120-T prior to the expiration of the filing period.

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  5. Jan 23, 2019 · For multi-state businesses, income is apportioned, using a weighted sales factor of two and the payroll and property factors. Organizations operating a unitary business must use combined reporting in filing their New Hampshire Business Tax return. For taxable periods ending on or after December 31, 2016, the BPT rate is reduced to 8.2%.

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    Form 4466N must be filed by the 15th day of the third month after the end of the tax year and before the corporation files its corporation income tax return. A Form 4466N filed after this date will not be considered. An extension of time to file the corporation income tax return will not extend the time for filing Form 4466N.

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    Apr 30, 2021 · During the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020, VMware completed the acquisition of Pivotal. Pivotal continues to file its separate tax return for U.S. federal income tax purposes as it left the Dell consolidated tax group at the time of Pivotal’s IPO in April 2018. Pivotal continues to be included on Dell’s unitary state tax returns.