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  1. Unitary Tax Return definition - Law Insider › dictionary › unitary-tax-return

    Unitary Tax Return means a state income tax return which reflects combined reporting (on either a domestic or worldwide basis) of the Members' net income on an apportioned basis. Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3

  2. elected getting out of filing on a combined or unitary basis can be very difficult. As part of this analysis, we look for a definite pattern as to whether a separate return or the consolidated return will usually result in a lower tax. State tax law is researched to determine if the lowest tax filing method can be achieved

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  4. What Is Unitary State Income Tax? | Bizfluent › info-8436477-unitary-state-income

    The unitary state income tax is a means by which certain states regulate the collection of income in the form of taxes from companies that do interstate commerce or file consolidated tax returns. While the regulation and requirements vary greatly among states, some generalities may be used to explain the concept.

  5. 2021 DOR Tax Due Dates and Extensions | › info-details › 2021-dor-tax-due-dates

    Mar 23, 2021 · File a 2020 calendar year return (Form 355) and pay any tax, interest, and penalties due. This due date applies only if you have a valid extension of time to file the return. Otherwise, see April 15. Form 355 SC: Due on or before October 15, 2021

  6. Taxes - Filing Due Dates - State of Michigan › taxes › 0,4676,7/238/43519_46621

    Annual Returns/Final Return, Extension of Time to File, Filing Threshold Annual Returns are due the last day of the 4th month after tax year end with payment of final liability. Taxpayers (other than Insurance Companies or Financial Institutions) are not required to file or pay if apportioned gross receipts are less than $350,000.

  7. Federal Combined Vs. Consolidated Returns | Sapling › 7560369 › federal-combined-vs

    Combined reporting is a state tax filing method where members of a commonly controlled group of businesses, called a unitary group, are required to combine the profits it earned in every state. The unitary group's combined net income is used to calculate its total worldwide earnings which is taxed as income by each state in which it operates.

  8. Mandatory Combined Reporting for State Income Taxes › products › mandatory-combined

    May 22, 2013 · State Filing Methodologies Separate company reporting –Individual entity basis, with income of affiliates excluded Consolidated reporting –Common ownership, usually 80% or more –Some states require that a federal consolidated return be filed as a prerequisite to filing a state consolidated return.

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  9. Aug 04, 2011 · Unitary business requirement: Federal consolidated group members are not required to be engaged in unitary business operations (this is also the case in states that permit consolidated filing). In contrast, members subject to state unitary combination (because the state’s ownership

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  10. Wisconsin Tax Return Due Dates and Payments › TaxDeadlinesExtendedCOVID

    applies to all persons whose original or extended federal income tax return filing deadline is extended as a result of the IRS notices. See the chart below for Wisconsin tax return due dates. See questions 4 and 5 below regarding underpayment interest (UPI) on estimated taxes. 3. Is additional time allowed to file a homestead credit claim?

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