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  1. Unitary Tax Return definition - Law Insider

    Unitary Tax Return means a state income tax return which reflects the combined and/or consolidated reporting (either on a domestic or worldwide basis) of Enron and its affiliates for a state which either (i) imposes its income tax on its apportioned and/or allocable share of the net income and its United States affiliates that are engaged in a "unitary business", part of which is conducted in ...

  2. What Is Unitary State Income Tax? | Bizfluent

    Sep 26, 2017 · The unitary state income tax is a means by which certain states regulate the collection of income in the form of taxes from companies that do interstate commerce or file consolidated tax returns. While the regulation and requirements vary greatly among states, some generalities may be used to explain the concept.

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  4. Unitary and Separate Return States - Accountant Tax Audit ...

    return or the consolidated return will usually result in a lower tax. State tax law is researched to determine if the lowest tax filing method can be achieved without structural or operating changes. If not, such changes may be recommended. We will also explore whether splitting off separate parts of a business, e.g.,

  5. IRS gives Texans 2 extra months to file their taxes - CBS News

    Feb 22, 2021 · The IRS last year extended the tax deadline for all U.S. taxpayers due to the coronavirus pandemic, although this year it plans to keep its regular April 15 deadline for 2020 tax returns. With ...

  6. Unitary Reporting Rules for Multistate Partnerships | CPE ...

    Jan 09, 2020 · Ms. Arasu has more than 15 years of state tax consulting experience within a public accounting environment and concentrates on income and franchise tax issues such as nexus, state tax base modifications, apportionment of income, business/non-business income, unitary taxation, gross receipt taxes, allocation of partnership items, and state filing options.

  7. Unitary tax financial definition of unitary tax

    A state corporate income tax on worldwide income. Although they are unpopular with corporations, unitary taxes are instituted by governments to foil firms that use creative accounting techniques to transfer their income to states or countries with low income-tax rates.

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