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  1. May 17, 2019 · 7. The purpose of the unitary government is to have the few control the many. People are just as patriotic under a unitary system of government as they are with a federal system. The disadvantage of the centralized state is that there are fewer opportunities to get involved with the legislative process.

    • A unitary government is essentially an oligarchy. A unitary system of government consolidates all of its power within a handful of individuals. There may be a specific leader, such as a President or a Prime Minister.
    • Everything is centralized in a unitary government, without exception. It can be advantageous to have certain governing elements be centralized, but a unitary government centralizes everything.
    • It is a government system that gives a lot of power to a few people or one individual. A centralized government has an enormous amount of power. Societal decisions are made on a daily basis.
    • Unitary governments can create pockets of isolation. Because the power is centrally assigned, there must be access to a government satellite for every community at some level.
  2. 2 days ago · The United States is the world’s greatest economic power, measured in terms of gross domestic product (GDP). The nation’s wealth is partly a reflection of its rich natural resources and its enormous agricultural output, but it owes more to the country’s highly developed industry.

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