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  1. Absolutism A political theory that encouraged rulers to claim complete sovereignty within their territories Absolutism Govern without reference to any other body Absolutism Sometimes defined by "divine right" just as fathers ruled over their own personal households Age of absolutism as an age of empire

  2. Absolute Ruler/Monarch is needed to provide stability and peace within the nation and against other nations Social Contract between the KING and the PEOPLE the King promotes order, peace, and stability in return the people OBEY the King King does not derive his power from GOD but from the PEOPLE King Charles II [1660-1685]

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  4. *best example of absolutism Built in Renaissance style all government offices operate in it (where all decisions take place) Holds royal court and councils Most of France's money was used to build it Had a reception hall Royal Court invited nobility to live in Versailles to serve the king, keep them occupied so the wouldn't have time to revolt

  5. Definition of Sovereign having Supreme and absolute power within its own territory and can decide its own foreign and domestic policies. Definition of Autocracy a government in which a single person holds unlimited political power definition of oligarchy a government in which the power to rule is held by a small, usually self-appointed elite

  6. The division of power between the different groups involved in government (legislative, executive, judicial). Legislative Branch/Congress/Legislature The branch of government that makes laws. At the national level, the House of Representatives and the Senate make up the legislative branch.

  7. The meaning of ABSOLUTISM is a political theory that absolute power should be vested in one or more rulers. a political theory that absolute power should be vested in one or more rulers; government by an absolute ruler or authority : despotism…