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      • The unit cost, also known as the breakeven point, is the minimum price at which a company must sell the product to avoid losses. As an example, a product with a breakeven unit cost of $10 per unit must sell for above that price. Revenue above this price is company profit.
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  2. A unit price is when a product or service is exchanged between the producer, manufacturer, or service provider to the customer or consumer of the goods or services. It is vital for both organizations and consumers. For example, an organization could not sustain selling at lower prices consistently.

  3. Sep 10, 2020 · For example, if your product's cost per unit is $50, your breakeven price is $50 and therefore, you must sell each unit of your product for more than $50 to make money. If you sell your product for $55 per unit, you make $5 of profit per unit. However, if you sell your product for $45 per unit, you are losing $5 per unit sold.

  4. a. equals quantity sold times profit margin. b. equals price minus costs. c. equals return on investment. d. is synonymous with profit. e. equals price of goods times quantity sold. equals price of goods times quantity sold. _____ pay for every activity of the company. a.

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