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    A computer system is a "complete" computer that includes the hardware, operating system (main software), and peripheral equipment needed and used for "full" operation. This term may also refer to a group of computers that are linked and function together, such as a computer network or computer cluster .

  2. The mental health needs of military families in the aftermath of combat exposure and other war-related trauma have been thought likely to be inadequately addressed by the military health system that separates mental health care of the returning soldier from his or her family's care, the latter of whom is generally covered under a contracted ...

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  4. List total gains and total losses separately, even if listed together on federal forms. For example, the LLC is required to report a $100 Other Income item and a <$20> Other Loss item. The $100 Other Income item must be reported on line 10 and the <$20> Other Loss item loss must be reported as a negative number on line 11. Line 6 – Total Farm ...

  5. A combined unitary group’s single return must present the group’s data stated separately for each corporation, as well as totals for the combined group. The total combined tax, which must include at least the applicable minimum franchise tax for each corporation subject to the franchise tax, must be shown on Form 100W, Side 2, line 23.

  6. The development of organisms shows an end-state-directedness at various levels of organization. The concept of „self-organization”, arising from the study of physico-chemical processes, has been used for the understanding of the nature and causality of this specific characteristic of organismic development.

  7. Efficiency is focussed upon output, for example, maximisingoutput for a given level of input. For example with regard to thereplacement fitted kitchens, AV could use the tendering process in anattempt to maximise the number of fitted kitchens that would beinstalled for a given amount of money by the contractor awarded thetender.

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