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    A computer system is a "complete" computer that includes the hardware, operating system (main software), and peripheral equipment needed and used for "full" operation. This term may also refer to a group of computers that are linked and function together, such as a computer network or computer cluster .

  2. An example of this can be shown by some of the world’s most troubling problems, such as the climate crisis. Nation states can be seen as rational as they fulfil their own interests of economic growth, however, this economic growth often leads to pollution as increasing a nation’s factors of production takes a toll on the environment.

  3. Introduction Piercing the corporate veil is a rule in English and US law targeted at the regulation of corporate activity. It, however, is sometimes considered a good idea to apply the concept in criminal and civil law, for example, in cases regarding fraudulent actions on behalf of the company, its...

  4. Financial Accounting in Practice: Practical Questions and Answers for Students. 2011 • George Ekegey Ekeha. Download Free PDF View PDF.

  5. England, which comprises around 84 percent of the population of the United Kingdom, covers five-eights of the island of Great Britain. Its capital and the largest city, London is also the capital of the United Kingdom and can be seen in the map of United Kingdom . The largest of the four countries, England covers an area of 50,301 square miles.

  6. The tax year is sometimes also called the "fiscal year". A company's accounting year, which has some relevance for corporation tax purposes, can be chosen by the company and often runs from 1 April to 31 March, in line with the fiscal year. The British personal tax year runs from 6 to 5 April in the following year. Personal taxes

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