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  1. b. two agents, one of them internal and the other external. c. two resources, one increased and the other decreased by the same event. d. none of the above. d. none of the above. In a REA diagram each economic event is always. a. linked to another economic event. b. linked to two internal agents.

  2. Apr 14, 2015 · It constitutes but a single plant, made so by the very character and necessities of the business.’’ Because items of property located in different states were operated as part of a single unit or...

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  4. A unitary state, or unitary government, is a governing system in which a single central government has total power over all of its other political subdivisions. A unitary state is the opposite of a federation, where governmental powers and responsibilities are divided. In a unitary state, the political subdivisions must carry out the directives ...

  5. A. Information systems that integrate all aspects of business. B. Comprehensive systems for identifying and measuring changes in productivity. C. Popular recruiting systems that help to maximize diversity in the workplace. D. Training systems for employees that allow self-discovery and correction of weaknesses.

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    For example, states may deem a unitary business exists when a company manufactures a product in one state and sells it in another. The transportation of the product from the manufacturing plant to the sales outlet and storage facilities during this process are typically parts of a unitary business.

  7. A shell company fraud first requires that the perpetrator establish a false supplier on the books of the victim company. The fraudster then manufactures false purchase orders, receiving reports, and invoices in the name of the vendor and submits them to the accounting system, which creates the allusion of a legitimate transaction.

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