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  1. True. False. True. A realistic expectation an accountant could hold is that addresses of the company vendors are not similar to that of the company employees. True. False. True. Management accounting uses variance analysis to explain what and why something happened in the cost of producing products.

  2. Uniform system of accounts for restaurants. A restaurant agrees to cater a large corporate event three months from now. The restaurant requires and receives a $10,000 check as a deposit. The restaurant's accountant records the $10,000 as a sale for that day. This accountant is practicing. cash accounting.

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    What is the unitary business principle in the field of taxation?

    How does the state determine the share of income for unitary businesses?

    What is the foundation for combined reporting-the unitary business principle?

    What is the unitary business principle of apportionability?

  4. The best definition for processing systems is the a. procedures used by managers in dealing with disruptive employees. b. policies and procedures that protect assets from misuse. c. policies that employees must follow while working in the company. d. means by which the system collects, summarizes, and reports accounting information.

  5. b. two agents, one of them internal and the other external. c. two resources, one increased and the other decreased by the same event. d. none of the above. d. none of the above. In a REA diagram each economic event is always. a. linked to another economic event. b. linked to two internal agents.

  6. Leader Books Inc. is looking for ways to increase foot traffic into its brick-and-mortar locations. It has decided to open up small coffee shops with free wi-fi in five of its stores. This is an example of a (n) _____ decision. A store manager noticed that monthly sales have been down 5% each of the last three months.

  7. Apr 14, 2015 · As noted in 1875 in State Railroad Tax Cases, the ‘‘theory of the system is manifestly to treat the railroad track, its rolling stock, its franchise, and its capital, as a unit for taxation, and to...