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  1. Where really is Maria Harf today? Wiki: Wedding, Husband › where-really-is-maria-harf

    Oct 23, 2019 · Marie Harf can be. Contents1 Personal Living2 Career3 Feminism Controversy4 Personalized Life Personal Living Marie is really just actually a white American who’s functioned at the U.S. State Department. The daddy of marie served in Maryville University for Global Education as the manager of Center. He was a member vice president of exactly precisely the …

  2. Migrant's widow welcomes US probe of border death › migrants-widow-welcomes-us-probe

    Jul 12, 2012 · Jessica Tarlov, another regular Outnumbered panelist, had appeared four times during that same span and had been in a once-a-week rotation with the show.Following that Dec. 10 broadcast, however, both Harf and Tarlov were yanked from any future bookings on Outnumbered, according to two sources familiar with the situation.

  3. Who is this new chick on The Five? - AR15.COM › forums › t_1_5

    The other one I can't stand (another State Dept. communist) is that Marie Harf. I'm disgusted that Fox News picked her up. Her and Gillian are probably best friends.

  4. Fox News Harris Faulkner and Crew Have Meltdown When Newt ... › 2020/09/16 › fox-news

    Sep 16, 2020 · Marie Harf should never been seen or heard throughout this country. She was an Obama barf dog and an idiot to boot. I don’t know Melissa Francis. I only watch the Fox person(s) I trust so my time watching Fox is down to one – four hours per week. A lot of my time is spend on Levin and Gutfeld.

  5. State Department advocates 'jobs' for jihadis instead of ... › news › article-2957350

    Marie Harf said the US should 'go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups' – including 'lack of opportunity for jobs.' A White House 'extremism' conference starts Tuesday.

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  6. News Forum - Fox News anchor addresses cutting ... › 2020/09/18 › fox_news_anchor

    Sep 18, 2020 · Newt was the one treated badly by Melissa Francis and Marie Harf. Here is his take on what happened. It seems there is suddenly a movement in media to silence anyone who speaks out against George Soros—and, specifically, his funding of radical prosecutors seeking to change the criminal justice system by simply ignoring certain crimes.

  7. News Forum - The downfall of Fox News’s Chris ... › 2020/10/02 › the_downfall_of_fox

    Oct 02, 2020 · When they hired Marie Harf (Isis fighters just need good paying jobs) I raised an eyebrow. When they hired Donna Brazile I thought perhaps they were going for balance. Then, they went full throttle Paul Ryan Network. I’m done. I’ll watch Tucker and also Maria and Lou over on Fox Business but I’m otherwise done.

  8. News Forum - Fox Tries to Appease Viewers With a ... › 2020/11/15 › fox_tries_to_appease

    Nov 15, 2020 · FOX is dead to me. I'll MAY return to FOX only when they fire, the Murdock brothers, Paul Ryan, Chris Wallace, Martha, Sandra Smith, Bret, John Roberts, Cavuto, Harris Faulkner, Maria Harf. If FOX continues to employee these clowns, then I'll stick with my reliable news sites and NEWSMAX.

  9. Attention Fox News: We Hate You. We Really, Really Hate You ... › articles › attention

    Once upon a time back in 2016, the Drudge Report had nearly 1.5 billion (with a ‘B’) monthly webpage views. Last month, he had only 1.2 million (with an ‘M’). By selling out to the Trump-hating left and Google, Matt Drudge chopped three zeroes and change off of his monthly webpage views. The highly converged, … Continue reading "Attention Fox News: We Hate You. We Really, Really Hate ...

  10. Sunday Morning Talk Show Thread 18 April 2021 › focus › news

    Apr 18, 2021 · National security advisor Jake Sullivan. Author William H. McRaven (“The Hero Code”). Panel: Marc Short; Karen Tumulty, the Washington Post; Marie Harf (Party on, Wayne!). MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Hosted by Chuck U. Toad: Dr. Anthony Fauci, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.).

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