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  1. The Prepared Environments of Maria and Marie › 2019/10/30 › the-prepared-environments-of

    Oct 30, 2019 · Maria Montessori is directing us as guides to prepare an environment for children to work in and develop themselves for the future. Marie Kondo is guiding us in our homes to let go of ourselves in the past and prepare ourselves for who we want to be. The present is what we have, but the future is where we are all heading.

  2. Marie Kondo reveals she is pregnant with her third child ... › tvshowbiz › article-9195139

    Jan 27, 2021 · Marie Kondo reveals she is pregnant with her third child: 'Another bundle of joy on the way!' By Tracy Wright For Published: 18:39 EDT, 27 January 2021 | Updated: 18:51 EDT, 27 ...

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  4. Celebrity organizer says Marie Kondo STOLE her folding method ... › femail › article-7149827

    Jun 17, 2019 · A celebrity closet organizer has spoken out to accuse Netflix star and decluttering expert Marie Kondo of 'stealing' her tidying method and passing it off as her own.. Linda Koopersmith, 59, from ...

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  5. Why Marie Kondo Didn't Work For Me - Christian Minimalism › 2019/01/31 › why-marie
    • The Basis of The KonMari Method Is in The Shinto Religion.
    • The KonMari Method Inadvertently Encourages An Emotional Attachment to Stuff.
    • The KonMari Method Is A One and Done Process.
    • When in Doubt, Christian Minimalism!

    When I first realized that Marie Kondo’s system wasn’t working for me, I did some research on her background. I found out that she used to work in a Shinto temple. Shintoism is a Japanese religion that is based in rituals and recognizing the divine in the natural world. Margaret Dilloway wrote this helpful article explaining Kondo’s Shinto background and how Westerners react to it.Once you know about Kondo’s background and her Shinto faith, it’s obvious that the KonMari method is suffused wit...

    When I started my Christian minimalism journey, I found out very quickly that my emotional attachment to my material possessions was out of control. I knew that I had to lessen my emotional attachment to stuff or I would continue to keep things around that weren’t adding value to my life.Knowing that Kondo bases her method in her religious tradition of Shintoism, it’s obvious that her method of touching each object to see if it “sparks joy” is a spiritual moment for her. For Kondo, this momen...

    Both in her books and in her show, Kondo says over and over that her method should be a one time event, and then after that big change, the person is done. In the show, she even congratulates her clients and tells them that they have “graduated the KonMari tidying method.” Graduation means one has finished.It’s important to note that the show ends right after the big change of decluttering, and we don’t get to see what happens afterwards. This pinpoints a major problem in the KonMari method,...

    Marie Kondo has shown us that having too much stuff hinders us, and that’s a good thing. But the Christian minimalist lifestyle is a much more all-encompassing way to simplify and focus on what’s most important. How is God calling you to a more Christian minimalist lifestyle?

  6. Couple in Marie Kondo's show defends their relationship ... › femail › article-6624031

    Jan 23, 2019 · Couple from Marie Kondo's Netflix show defend the relationship against trolls who blasted the husband for his 'old school' views about his wife being a 'homemaker' Kevin and Rachel Friend appeared ...

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  7. Time to Marie Kondo your wardrobe | Daily Mail Online › femail › article-8306173

    May 11, 2020 · Time to Marie Kondo your wardrobe: The nine items you should throw out NOW - and the easy hanger trick that will keep you organised all year long Bed Threads has revealed what you should remove ...

  8. CEO reveals how to Marie Kondo your shoe collection | Daily ... › femail › article-6851317

    Apr 06, 2019 · George Sullivan, 28, from South East London, is CEO of The Sole Supplier. He has shared tips on how to de-clutter a shoe collection, and keep every pair looking new, using Marie Kondo techniques.

  9. Should I Greet My Home? A Christian Response to Tidying Up by ... › should-i-greet-my-home-a

    Jan 21, 2019 · In Tidying Up, after organizing expert Marie Kondo meets the family who she will be helping in the tidying up process, Marie asks if they minds if she takes a minute to greet their home. The family gives permission and Marie, in stocking feet, paces the floor until she finds exactly the right spot.

  10. The Chattering Crow: What's on your nightstand? › 2021 › 02

    Marie Kondo had hand lotion on hers. I have hand lotion in drawer #3 along with Tylenol, aspirin, wet wipes, Icy Hot in a tube, and Icy Hot pads. I don't use the lotion all that much except when I want to scratch something until it's raw. Then I pull out the lotion. The top drawer is full of small writing pads and one large pad.

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