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  1. Oct 31, 2020 · Charrula. This word is used to refer to ‘an irresponsible person’. 4. Chele. This is the word the speakers of Honduran Spanish use to refer to White people. 5. Cheque. No, this cheque does not refer to the cheque you are thinking of. It is used as a positive reaffirmation word.

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  2. Los Números 1-20 Numbers 1-20 Spanish Half Term Plan. £5.00. ( 0) All the plans and resources you need to teach six, 30 minute Spanish lessons to KS1 on the topic of numbers 1-20. Students will learn to count up to 20 in Spanish. They will learn to understand and say the numbers and say how many animals there are.

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  4. Saying 'Hello' in Spanish ¡Hola! This is probably the very first word everyone learns in Spanish. Hola (pronounced: OH-lah — the 'h' is silent!) means 'hello', and you can use it to greet anyone in...

  5. Jan 25, 2020 · In Spanish, ‘Muerte’ is the word that is used for death. In French, both ‘mort’ and ‘le décès’ are used for death. The Greek word for death is ‘thánatos’ which has been used in various fields of study. ‘Tod’ is the basic word in German for death, but there are plenty of other options too including ‘der Todesfall’. What is a fancy word for death?

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  7. The Complete Summary. In the poem “The Bat,” by Theodore Roethke, the poet is writing for an audience of any age. The rhyme scheme or pattern in the poem is A,A,B,B,C,C,D,D,EE. Another literary device used in this poem is imagery, for example: “His fingers make a hat about his head.”. The poem tells the reader about a bat’s way of life.