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    • What does Big Beat mean?

      • Big beat. Big beat is an electronic music genre that usually uses heavy breakbeats and synthesizer-generated loops and patterns – common to acid house / techno. The term has been used by the British music industry to describe music by artists such as The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim, The Crystal Method, Propellerheads,...
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    Big beat is an electronic music genre that usually uses heavy breakbeats and synthesizer-generated loops and patterns – common to acid house / techno.

  2. Aug 26, 2019 · Here’s our list of the 50 greatest music videos of all-time. (Some of the following videos contain graphic imagery and/or NSFW lyrics. Consider yourself warned.) 50. Firework — Katy Perry Video...

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    What does Big Beat mean?

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    • Thriller -- Michael Jackson. This is the greatest music video of all-time and everything else is just trying to stay on the same page. "Thriller" set the stage for music videos to be an art form.
    • November Rain -- Guns N' Roses. In 1992, no band on the planet was bigger than Guns N' Roses, and that's why they got a $1 million budget for the best video they ever made.
    • Sledgehammer -- Peter Gabriel. The best use of stop-motion animation in a video goes to... Peter Gabriel for this classic. To film the video, Gabriel was forced to lay down under a sheet of glass for 16 hours while the video was filmed one frame at a time.
    • Smells Like Teen Spirit -- Nirvana. This video cost less than $50,000 to produce and will live on forever. Despite a low-budget and a basic concept, this was the video of the early 90s.
    • Kristen Zwicker
    • Thriller‘ by Michael Jackson. From the moment it was released in December 1983, ‘Thriller’ was destined to become one of the most legendary music videos of all time.
    • Like a Prayer’ by Madonna. Burning crosses, stigmata, saintly seduction—it’s not hard to see why this 1989 music video caused a bit of a stir. Directed by Mary Lambert, who directed both Pet Sematary films, it was condemned by the Vatican, banned from Italian television and prompted Pepsi to abandon its $5 million ad campaign featuring the song.
    • Karma Police’ by Radiohead. Radiohead re-teamed with director Jonathan Glazer—who also helmed their clip for ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’—for this masterpiece of moody abstraction from 1997's ‘OK Computer’.
    • Runaway’ by Kanye West. This short-film music video, which adds a grandiose visual narrative to Ye’s nearly universally-acclaimed masterpiece, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’, is maybe the most ambitious demonstration of the artist’s cosmic vision.
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    • NME
    • Hurt. Released: 2002. Director: Mark Romanek. The montage of shots of Cash served a poignant purpose at the time; after Johnny’s death seven months later it became even more powerful.
    • Just. Released: 1995. Director: Jamie Thraves. There’s a man lying down on the pavement, much to the consternation of the passersby. Everyone wants to know why he’s lying down but he can’t tell them.
    • Wicked Game. Released: 1989. Director: Herb Ritts. Long before hip hop culture made booty-shaking passe in music videos, music vids could be gently provocative and subtly sexual and present nudity in a classy way.
    • Black Hole Sun. Released: 1994. Director: Howard Greenhalgh. One of the classic WTF? vids, this promo’s playful satire of American family life jars magnicifently with the dark subject matter of the song.
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