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  1. Jan 16, 2021 · The BSD 3 clause license adds a term to the BSD 2 that prevents someone from claiming false endorsement. These three licenses are compatible with GPLv2 and v3. The Apache 2.0 license requires you to keep the license file, the NOTICE file if there is one, and show notice for modified files. It also addresses some patent-related issues, so ...

  2. A permissive software license, sometimes also called BSD-like or BSD-style license, is a free-software license which instead of copyleft protections, carries only minimal restrictions on how the software can be used, modified, and redistributed, usually including a warranty disclaimer.Examples include the GNU All-permissive License, MIT License, BSD licenses, Apple Public Source License and ...

  3. BSD 3-Clause License (Revised) Open Source Software Licenses 101: The BSD 3-Clause License tl;drLegal is brought to you by FOSSA, the most complete Open Source Management Platform Manage open source risk and protect your software against license violations, vulnerabilities, and supply chain threats.

  4. Dec 15, 2022 · The BSD license has been modified and revised several times since its initial creation and there are currently 4 different versions of the license in use. In addition to being a specific license. BSD is also used to describe a class of licenses, generally referred to as BSD-like, which are based on one of the BSD license iterations. ...

  5. Dec 25, 2021 · We call it the “FreeBSD license.” It is a lax, noncopyleft free license, compatible with the GNU GPL, much like the modified BSD license. “The Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a nonprofit with a worldwide mission to promote computer user freedom. We defend the rights of all software users.”

  6. Mar 23, 2023 · This is an open supply package license that permits you to unharness your changed version of an Apache-licensed product, no matter the license you wish for. You'll use, change, distribute, and sell packages commissioned beneath the Apache License 2.0 Android without fearing whether it's used privately or internally.

  7. While the Apache 2 license is a very good permissive license, it is e.g. incompatible with GPLv2. That may be undesirable. The simpler licenses from the BSD/MIT/ISC license families might be more attractive in that case. –

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