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      • The mirror universe equivalent of First Contact Day was also on April 5th. Instead of peacefully greeting the Vulcans, the Terrans slaughtered all of the members of the survey ship. The day was later celebrated as a holy day by the Terran Empire.
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  2. Mirror Universe. ( coexisting on another dimensional plane) A holy day was a day set aside for a religious observation. A holy day with special importance was called a high holy day . In the mirror universe, the Terran Empire celebrated April 5, the day when Terrans made first contact with, and slaughtered the crew of, a Vulcan survey ship in 2063, as a holy day and not as a high holy day.

  3. Humans make official contact with an alien species for the first time on April 5 th, 2063. First Contact Day was a holiday celebrated to honor both the warp 1 flight of the Phoenix and first open contact between Humans and Vulcans on April 5 th, 2063 in Bozeman, Montana. (Star Trek: First Contact) Mirror First Contact. The mirror universe equivalent of First Contact Day was also on April 5 th.

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  4. Apr 5, 2021 · Shortly after Cochrane landed the Phoenix, the Vulcan ship landed on Earth. Cochrane was the first to greet the new species and welcome them to the planet. This started a partnership between the...

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  5. Apr 5, 2018 · In 1996, the film Star Trek: First Contact — directed by Jonathan “Number One” Frakes — depicted the hivemind known as the Borg, traveling back in time to prevent the United Federation of...

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  6. First Contact and the Mirror Universe. So as I continue my re-watching of Star Trek Movies I come to watch First Contact (fitting that it is First Contact Day). Anywhoo, it seems to be well stated that the key breaking point in our history and the mirror universe history is that instead of welcoming the Vulcans at First Contact, Zefram Cochrane instead kills them.

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