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  1. General Motors Company. Mail Code 482-C24-A65. 300 Renaissance Center. Detroit, Michigan 48265. In accordance with our Corporate Governance Guidelines, all correspondence will be compiled and summarized by the Corporate Secretary and periodically submitted to the Board or individual directors.

    • Ties to The American Legislative Exchange Council
    • History
    • Declining Wages and Job Security in Manufacturing Sector
    • Buying Positive Media Coverage
    • Environmental Controversies
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    General Motors is a corporate funder of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). It is a member of ALEC's Commerce, Insurance and Economic Development Task Force and its Energy, Environment and Agriculture Task Force. See ALEC Corporationsfor more.

    In 1921, after a period of declining sales, GM set out to bring down its major competition: electric streetcars. By using the business its automotive transportation brought to freight carriers as leverage, GM pressured railways like Southern Pacific and New York Central to abandon their electric lines. Electric lines were replaced by the omnibus, t...

    As detailed by a 2014 report by the National Employment Law Project (NELP), manufacturing jobs in the US are now in the bottom half of all jobs in terms of pay, despite significant public subsidies and bailouts and widespread assumptions among politicians and the public that manufacturing is the backbone of the middle class. While the sector has re...

    Fake TV news

    In the Center for Media and Democracy's April 2006 expose of video news releases (VNRs), titled "Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed," three of the 36 VNRs tracked were funded by and scripted for General Motors. All three were produced by the broadcast PR firm Medialink Worldwide. One VNR, from January 2006, celebrated GM's corporate headquarters, the Renaissance Center, as key to the revitalization of downtown Detroit. Another VNR, from March 2006, falsely claimed that GM had launched t...

    Buying off journalism students

    "Maybe I’m just a bit jaded, but I have a problem with this solicitation," wrote University of North Carolina business journalism professor Chris Roush. On a UNC journalism blog, he posted an email that he received on August 30, 2006, "from a public relations person at General Motors ... asking me to send student journalists to an event that the company will be holding in Las Vegas next month." He added, "It seems what young student journalists would be 'learning' from this experience is how...


    GM CEO Rick Wagoner told attendees of the 2007 Newspaper Association of America conference, "One area where we're beginning to do more, and will want to work with newspapers to explore new options in, is advertorials." Advertorialsare ads written as though they are independent op/ed columns. Wagoner said that GM was putting less money towards traditional print ads in part because the company no longer offers a "deal of the month." GM is also interested in overseas promotion. "Some of you own...

    "GMnext" and greenwashing

    In January 2008, General Motors launched a new website, "GMnext" (which includes a wiki), to mark its 100th anniversary and showcase "ideas on future automotive technologies," reported the Financial Times. Instead, environmental activists posted critiques of the company. GM called the posts on climate change and other issues "diatribes loaded with propaganda," and shut down the interactive part of the site. "We weren't going to lose control of our own site," explained the automaker. Instead,...

    Global warming "a crock"

    In January 2008, GM executive Bob Lutz (who's appeared in the company's video news releases ) told reporters in a closed-door meeting that global warming is "a total crock of shit." "Within hours the remark was reported on the internet, and spread, as Lutz subsequently lamented, 'like ragweed,'" reported Green Left. Lutz "had earlier derided efforts to force car companies to build smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Such attempts, he wrote on GM's blog, were 'like trying to address the obe...

    General Motors gave $626,330 to federal candidates in the 05/06 election cycle through its political action committee (PAC) - 26% went to Democrats and 74% went to Republicans. GM was among various companies that gave record amounts in political contributions four years after passage of a law that tried to reduce the impact of corporate money in U....

    GM spent $8,805,000 on lobbying in 2006. $3,965,000 of this total went to over 20 outside lobbying firms. The following is a list of lobbyist and PR groupswhich currently list General Motors among their clients. 1. BKSH & Associates, member of Burson-Marsteller 2. Clark Consulting Federal Policy 3. Davis & HarmanLLP 4. Dewey Square Group 5. DLA Pip...

    In February 2009, the Detroit News reported that GM had hired Democratic Party political consultant Michael Whouley, who also does corporate PR at the Dewey Square GroupPR firm. "Whouley's addition comes as even some of the companies' allies in Washington have raised questions about GM's political and public relations strategy. ... Last week, when ...

    GM board of directors in 2022: 1. Mary T. Barra, Aneel Bhusri, Wesley G. Bush, Linda R. Gooden, Joseph Jimenez, Jane L. Mendillo, Judith A. Miscik, Patricia F. Russo, Thomas M. Schoewe, Carol M. Stephenson, Mark Tatum, Devin N. Wenig, Margaret Whitman GM board of directors in 2020: 1. Mary T. Barra, Wesley G. Bush, Linda R. Gooden, Joseph Jimenez, ...

    Ticker Symbol: Main Exchanges:Investor Website:NYSE Symbol: 1. GM - GM common stock 2. GMH - Class H common stock

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  3. The Great GM Mystery. Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.’s best-seller, My Years With General Motors, is being read by many businessmen as bible and blueprint rather than biography. Those who think they have ...

  4. complex and can change. Know the rules that apply to your work so you can address issues that arise and recognize when to get advice. If you ever need assistance with a legal issue that may affect your job, contact Legal Staff. Don’t permit retaliation. Take action to prevent retaliation against any employee who reports a

  5. These agendas address the GM’s long-, medium-, and short-term responsibilities. They include a broad range of financial, product, market, and organizational issues.

  6. Address: 300 Renaissance Ctr Detroit, MI, 48243-1402 United States See other locations Website: Employees (this site): 45

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