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    • What is it like to be stationed in germany ?

      2 answers

      Don't know where your going to be stationed at but I'm currently an mp over in Ansbach, GE right now. It's a pretty small country, your in Europe so definitely travel. The weather here is nothing like it was in the states. Summer was only...

    • What is it like to live in Germany ?

      2 answers

      Well, it's another country and for sure things will be different. It will also depend on the place you will be living. In big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, or Frankfurt/Main you might find similar circumstances like in...

    • Traveling to Germany alone at 17....your ideas???

      5 answers

      Hi, I'm German, and I was on a student exchange twice. See, don't think about the miles if you don't like it (but I promise you, you WILL like it). Think about the HOURS. What is a plane trip from Germany to the US? About eight hours or so?...

  1. What it's like to fly on Europe's biggest airline right now ...

    Frankfurt was better organized, but long lines seem inevitable for travelers right now and it seems that anyone traveling in the near future can expect long wait times, including on the runway.

    • Fred Pleitgen, CNN
  2. Sep 01, 2020 · What it’s like to be in Yosemite National Park right now. Real Estate. ... of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. ... and the coronavirus continues to restrict travel and activity. ...

  3. 10 best attractions in Frankfurt, Germany | CNN Travel

    May 13, 2019 · (CNN) — Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany, but if you think it's all business and no play there, let's disabuse you of that notion right now.

  4. What to Do in Frankfurt, Germany | Travel + Leisure

    Right across the street from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, there is a slew of salons, restaurants, and stores, one being Hayashi. The owner, Kerstin Görling, has an eye for elegant, timeless ...

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  6. What it’s like to fly to Europe right now – The Yucatan Times

    2 days ago · What it’s like to fly to Europe right now. ... CNN traveled from Frankfurt, Germany to the Portuguese city of Porto on a scheduled Lufthansa flight, to see how the aviation sector is adapting as ...

  7. 24 Hours in Frankfurt: Best Things To Do in Frankfurt by a ...

    Aug 01, 2018 · Things to do in Frankfurt in 24 Hours. This is a detailed itinerary for 24-hours in Frankfurt if you happen to have a layover or are stopping on your way through. One day in Frankfurt is enough to see lots of the city and check out most of the top things to do in Frankfurt, Germany’s financial capital.

  8. Frankfurt Backpacking & Budget Travel Guide (Updated 2020)

    Aug 31, 2020 · Purchase a Frankfurt Card – Another alternative is the Frankfurt Card which gives you free travel on all public transport (including the airport) as well as up to 50% discounts on tours, museums, and other attractions. You can get a one-day card for €10.50 EUR ($11.50 USD), or a two-day card for €15.50 EUR ($17 USD).

  9. Frankfurt - Short Travel Time to Other Countries in Europe ...

    I am going to Frankfurt for business/work in October.This will be my first time in Europe and I would like to travel to other countries in Europe during the weekend. I would prefer to go to countries that are accessible and only a short distance from Frankfurt for a day trip so I do not have to book an overnight stay at a hotel anymore.

  10. Cost of Living in Frankfurt. Sep 2020. Prices in Frankfurt

    Hence in my experience, Germany and especially the Frankfurt area where I have lots of job opportunities in my line of work, just work out much better for us. You are right that costs of living outside London are much lower, however the British economy is so biased around the south east of England that it is highly unlikely to get a job ...

  11. Which region of Germany is Frankfurt in? - Quora

    If you’re referring to Frankfurt am Main, that Frankfurt lies in the Rhein-Main area, in the Main Valley, near the mouth of the Main where it meets the Rhine river.