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  1. Romeo and Juliet Character Analysis | LitCharts › lit › romeo-and-juliet
    • Romeo. One of the protagonists of the play, along with Juliet. He is the male heir to the dynasty of House Montague, which is in a long-standing feud with House Capulet.
    • Juliet. One of the protagonists of the play, along with Romeo. She is the female heir to the dynasty of House Capulet, which is in a long-standing feud with House Montague.
    • Friar Laurence. A kindly, philosophical friar of Verona who, as his community’s spiritual and intellectual center, keeps finding himself enmeshed in the dramas of House Montague and House Capulet.
    • The Nurse. Juliet’s nurse is the main source of comic relief throughout the play. Forgetful, long-winded, bawdy, and seemingly immune to embarrassment, the nurse is happy to share cringe-worthy stories from her own past and Juliet’s… read analysis of The Nurse.
  2. Romeo Character Analysis in Romeo and Juliet | LitCharts › lit › romeo-and-juliet

    Upon waking up from her staged death, Juliet is distraught over Romeo’s death and uses his dagger to commit suicide herself. Impulsive, dramatic, and obsessed with the pursuit of love, Romeo’s changeable, impulsive, childish personality has fascinated audiences for centuries.

  3. Juliet Character Analysis in Romeo and Juliet | LitCharts › lit › romeo-and-juliet

    Juliet is reluctant to start thinking about love, and frequently clashes with her overbearing parents as they try to arrange a socially and monetarily fortuitous match for her. But when she meets Romeo, whom she does not realize is a member of House Montague, her family’s enemy, she is struck by desire.

  4. Romeo Character Analysis - › romeo-and-juliet › characters

    Romeo is one of the titular characters in Shakespeare’s famed romantic tragedy and Juliet’s young lover. He is the only son of Lord and Lady Montague, nobles of Verona. Although intelligent, he is...

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  6. Romeo and Juliet Characters: Descriptions & Analysis ... › homework-help
    • Romeo and Juliet Character Descriptions
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    • Minor Characters
    • This Post Is Part of The Series: Romeo and Juliet Study Helps

    The key to understanding Romeo and Juliet characters is irony. As these character descriptions show, not everyone is always what they seem to be. 1. Romeo Montague- Foolish modern day girls clamor for a modern day Romeo. They dream of Romeo’s wooing words (Act I, scene v, lines 43-52 and II, ii, 1-25) and ignore his utter lack of manly qualities: his lusts are fleeting and portable (I, i, 176-96) as shown by his initial love for Rosaline immediately followed by his love for Juliet (II, iv, 65-80); his desire to kill himself whenever things do not go as planned (III, iii, 103-09); his womanish ways (III, iii, 108-113); and his selfishness in ultimately killing himself. In short, if you want a man engulfed by infatuation for whom you’ll need a restraining order soon, if you want a man who falls to the floor and cries when things don’t go his way, if you want a man who does not think before he acts, and if you want a man who quits when things aren’t going well, then Romeo is the man fo...

    These characters also play an important role in the play. Once again, think irony. 1. The Nurse- Juliet’s closest confidant is privy to Juliet’s deception and encourages her fling with Romeo. She arranges the marriage meeting and the subsequent honeymoon activities (II, iv, 150-195). She goes to Romeo after he murders Tybalt to arrange matters again (III, iii, 159-175). The nurse, however, abandons Juliet in her most dire need. Initially, Juliet needed wisdom and her nurturer failed to give it. 2. Mercutio- Mercutio’s wit makes him one of Shakespeare’s more memorable characters. He blames Romeo for his death and curses the Montagues and Capulets for their misdeeds (III, i, 99-102). A closer look reveals the opposite to be true. Romeo is not responsible for Mercutio’s death. Mercutio is. He understands the likelihood of a brawl that day (III, i, 1-0) yet encourages violence when Tybalt arrives. Furthermore, Mercutio is a kinsman of the prince and should carry out the peaceful wishes...

    These Romeo and Juliet characters play lesser roles in the play: 1. The Chorus, in the Prologue, summarizes the entire plot in a 14-line sonnet. 2. Escalusis the prince of Verona, who in his wisdom, declares an automatic death penalty to anyone who fights in public. 3. Pariswishes to marry Juliet. Other than the fact Juliet is not quite 14 and is already married to the Capulet’s mortal enemy, he makes a really good choice. 4. Montague and Lady Montagueare Romeo’s parents. They set a fine example by carrying forth a blood feud with the town’s other prominent family. 5. Lord Capuletseems like a fine fellow at the party as he calms Tybalt’s ire towards Romeo. He then forces his not quite 13-year old daughter to marry Paris and beats her because she doesn’t want to. 6. Benvoliois Romeo’s cousin who comes up with the brilliant idea of going to a Capulet party so Romeo can meet a new girl. I’m still trying to figure out why he hangs out with Mercutio all the time. 7. Tybalt’s hot headed n...

    Impress your friends and teachers with your knowledge of Romeo and Juliet. 1. Romeo and Juliet Study Guide: Character Analysis 2. Famous Quotes from Romeo and Juliet with Analysis 3. Brief Summary of Romeo and Juliet 4. Studying the Major Themes of Romeo and Juliet 5. How to Ace Your Test on Romeo and Juliet

  7. Great Gatsby Camera Scene Analysis | › essay › Great-Gatsby-Camera-Scene

    Great Gatsby Camera Scene Analysis. No Romeo and Juliet The Great Gatsby At the beginning of the movie when the ball is taking place and extreme wide shot is used to show what is happening on set, who is all there and who is enjoying the party. The first time Juliet sees Romeos face there is an extreme close up and this shows the expression on ...

  8. Romeo and Juliet Act 1, Scene 1 Summary & Analysis | LitCharts › lit › romeo-and-juliet

    The way Romeo’s parents and kinsman talk about him in this passage shows that he is a loner, closed off from the rest of them and isolated in his own emotions. This sets up Romeo as a rogue character and positions him as an individual either uncomfortable within or dismissive of the larger family and community to which he belongs.

  9. Juliet Character Analysis - › topics › romeo-and-juliet

    Nov 05, 2018 · Juliet is one of the titular characters in Shakespeare’s tragic love story and Romeo’s lover. The only daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet, Juliet is almost fourteen years old when the play opens.

  10. Romeo and Juliet - CliffsNotes › literature › r

    Summary and Analysis Act V: Scene 2 Summary. Friar Laurence discovers that Friar John, the messenger he sent to Mantua with a letter to Romeo explaining that Juliet is alive, has been quarantined because of an outbreak of the plague and prevented from leaving Verona.

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