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  1. Ethical non-naturalism is the meta-ethical view which claims that: Ethical sentences express propositions. Some such propositions are true. Those propositions are made true by objective features of the world, independent of human opinion. These moral features of the world are not reducible to any set of non-moral features.

  2. This skill area tests knowledge of research design and data analysis, and applying theoretical understanding of psychology to everyday/real-life examples. AO3; Analyse, interpret and evaluate (a) analyse, interpret and evaluate scientific information, ideas and evidence, including in relation to issues, to: make judgements and reach conclusions

  3. Moral realism (also ethical realism) is the position that ethical sentences express propositions that refer to objective features of the world (that is, features independent of subjective opinion), some of which may be true to the extent that they report those features accurately.

  4. Students who complete this module will be equipped with skills to; write essays and lab reports, critically appraise information from a range of resources, produce a CV and cover letter for a prospective employer, present psychological information with confidence and clarity, and be able to find psychology-related opportunities, placements, and ...

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