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    (Missouri's nickname is "The Show-Me State"). John Kennedy did use the Resolute, and his desk included a very special coconut paperweight. While he was serving in WW2 as commander of the PT109, his boat was hit by a Japanese destroyer and his crew was stranded in the Solomon Islands.

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    Guests on today’s show include Jim Hoft and Gabriel Keane with an update on the Soros funded Democrat set up of a Navy Seal and former Governor of Missouri, Savanah Hernandez on the state of the BLM protests and the ANTIFA riots, and Jason Lo makes a major discovery about who is really running the Joe Biden campaign.

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    A banner stating “Still here” hangs on the side of Missouri’s last Planned Parenthood after a judge granted a temporary restraining order on its closing in St. Louis, Mo., May 31, 2019 ...

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    Two years have passed since Eric Greitens was carried from the Missouri Governor’s Mansion by a toxic cocktail of lies, false allegations, and prosecutorial misconduct. For two years, Missouri’s media and establishment Republicans pretended it never happened. They never liked Greitens, and they wanted him to go away.

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    LANSING, Mich (AP) — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says President Donald Trump’s plan to send federal agents to Detroit amid police brutality protests shows his administration doesn’t know anything about what is happening in Michigan. She also called out the Legislature, during a livestream with Everytown for Gun Safety Action and...

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    Mar 04, 2020 · Librarians Could Be Jailed or Fined Under Proposed Censorship Law. A bill pending in Missouri's legislature takes aim at libraries and librarians who are making " The measure, championed by . RT (2020-03-04).

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    Carl Schurz, a future U.S. Senator and a leader of Missouri’s German citizens, called him “inexorable” and said Republicans “especially in the country districts, stood much in awe of him,” which might sound familiar today. Radical Republicans pushed through The Drake Constitution, named because of his influence, in 1865.

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    French were seizing american ships so Adams sent a delegation to Paris but french ministers xyz just offered a bribe to meet with the Americans, the Americans were war hawks and said no way but Adams didn't want a war because america wasn't ready they didn't have a strong navy or army (It was a diplomatic controversy in 1789 in which French officials demanded bribes of American negotiators)

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    Dec 09, 2013 · (Washington/Salt Lake)- Members of Utah’s congressional delegation and Utah’s Governor, were quick to respond after President Barack Obama held a press conference, announcing he wants to allow people to keep old health plans that don’t meet standards set by the Affordable Care Act. Governor Gary Herbert said the President never consulted ...

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    Here is a small quote from his introductory press release today: UNHCR works worldwide to protect, assist and find solutions for refugees, internally displaced people and stateless populations. It has some 9,700 staff across 126 countries, many of them working in humanitarian emergencies and in close proximity to regions of conflict.